William Shatner, a stainless hero

William Shatner He already had a long acting career before he became a cultural icon like the Captain Kirk from the legendary series Star Trek, or how it was known here, Star Trek. He had been one of the Karamazov brothers, With Yul Brynner in the movie of Richard Brooks. He starred in a large number of television series, did some chapters of Alfred Hitchcock presenta, Heading into the unknown Y Cipol’s agent among many other productions; He also participated as a guest actor in fictions such as Columbo, Kung Fu, Ironside Y Mission Impossible.

In its beginnings it was appreciated along with the figures of the time, such as Robert Redford, Steve McQueen Y Paul Newman, although it was not as successful as them. However, his career never stopped in 70 years: in the industry he was considered “an actor who showed up on time, knew his lines, didn’t charge too much and always answered the phone.”

The program Star Trek, today an undisputed classic, did not have great success from the start. In fact it was canceled after three seasons (1066-1969). But after that, a cult following of the series was formed that generated a significant repetition of the chapters and the realization of all its subsequent versions in film and television. In that first time, exactly on November 22, 1968, in the chapter entitled “Plato’s Stepsons”, Captain Kirk kissed Lieutenant Uhura (Nichelle Nichols). The episode became famous because it was the first kiss seen on television between a white man and a black woman.

William Shatner’s career was enriched with characters such as Denny Crane, the veteran lawyer of the series blind Justice, from David E. Kelley, where together with the character of James Spader sat on the balcony at the end of each day and engaged in drink, smoke cigars and make fun of everyone, even of themselves.

Shatner acaba turning 90 years old and keep working without interruption. He conducted documentaries for History Channel and he has a remarkable discography since he is also a musician and records audiobooks. The film has just been released in the United States Senior Moment, directed by Giorgio Serafini, but his most provocative project is his collaboration with a technology company to interact, through 3D images and the use of artificial intelligence, with family, friends and followers beyond time.

William Shatner was born in Montreal, Canada. He studied economics at McGill University and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce. The same university awarded him an honorary Doctorate of Letters. Besides being an actor, he is a producer, director, screenwriter and singer. Throughout his career received all kinds of awards and distinctions, but basically he is an actor who is loved by a devoted audience that follows him through several generations.