Will it be a trilogy? Director of ‘Independence Day’ talks about the possible future of the franchise

In the years since the first film was released, the filmmakers had voiced their ideas for multiple sequels and ways to continue the franchise, which have only resulted in a sequel, 20 years later, so now there is talk of the possible future of ‘Independence Day’.

What complicates the future of the saga is that 20th Century Fox has been acquired by The Walt Disney Company, which means that a new studio will have to find a way to offer more adventures of the science fiction series.

Director Roland Emmerich, however, confirms that there is still a lot of life in the concept to be potentially explored in other arenas, depending on what Disney deems most appropriate.

Now they have a streaming service and they need a product. I would love to do maybe a third, or a TV series, continuing the story“Emmerich explained in an interview.

The specific director that when ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ was made, they already had a third part planned, “This has much more to do with the first, because we learn, more or less, that there are a lot of refugees out there and they live on a planet of refugees“.

Where the aliens finally get there because, kind of like these aliens on Earth, they found out and telepathically or whatever they gave it to them with their super queen. They are all human, but in all different ways. So it’s this thing that we have Brent Spiner and Jeff Goldblum and we have them with all these different forms of people, which would be a great movie. But we’ll see what happens“, detailed the filmmaker.

Although the filmmaker would surely like to continue telling stories in this world, he also has other projects to keep busy with.

Fortunately, Emmerich’s busy schedule doesn’t mean the franchise can’t go on without him, since it is open to another filmmaker to elaborate a story for the series.

However, the saga occupies a place very close to his heart, so he would be interested in any path that the concept could follow in the possible future of ‘Independence Day’ that was just remembered by an announcement with the speech of the president of the movie, Bill Pullman.