Why we like fat and old Kate Winslet more than muse of ‘Titanic’ | Opinion

Kate Winslet, and ‘Mare of Easttown’.

As soon as you like detective series, you know that Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown it is nothing new. It takes a long time to put a fat, alcoholic, broken detective to solve the case of the latest murdered girl. The victims do not change: young naked, sprawled and dead. But putting a woman in charge of the case, to masculinize her until she becomes a true detective (male), has given rise to a post-police genre that allows opening new plots. Before her, hundreds of guys to imitate, but also Amy Adams in Open wounds, rocky Elisabeth Moss in de Top of the lake or Grandma Sarah Lancashire in Happy Valley. However, it is the image of Kate Winslet with crow’s feet and belly that has caused a revolution in the industry that other actresses had not caused. The reason should not be sought in the character but in the person. She is not the first fat detective we meet, but she is the first femininity myth made in Hollywood that rebels. Kate Winslet was the good girl of the Titanic. That is why only she could activate a bomb in the guts of the North American industry, the most sexist and ageist in the world. Take a good look at me Hollywood: I’m here for the whole world to see how your muse grows old. Boom!

Winslet was twenty-three when she became Rose DeWitt Bukater aboard what was then the most expensive production in Hollywood. She put a pretty (and new) face on traditional romantic love aboard one of the most popular tragedies of the 20th century. Her story would have all the classic (and patriarchal) ingredients of love: the ability to break down social barriers, a fragile but firm heroine, tragedy, death and the end. She was the young woman who lay down naked and a virgin with an emerald on her chest to offer herself to a more sexually expert man (always more expert), with the submissive sensuality that so many naked majas embodied before (and after) her. The formula did not fail: the film became the highest grossing of all time and won eleven Oscars. Romantic love could be modernized and the industry wanted to celebrate it. It is true that even then Kate Winslet was fatter than allowed (a size 38 at her age!) And that her body was such a harassment that she considered leaving the cinema. He even joked that if Rose had lost a few pounds, Leo would have been saved. Although James Cameron surely spared his life for other reasons, perhaps the same ones for which he saved Linda Hamilton in Terminator oa Sigourney Weaver en Alien.

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This was Hollywood in 1998. Could you be a woman and wear a 38 on the big screen? Correct. Could you be a woman and survive when prota did the man clap her? Yes of course! Now, could anyone imagine a woman willing to appear the age she was at that time? Of course not! What a shame. And in 2021? No way. But what is the maximum age for a successful actor? Ten less than you have. And for an actress? What a silly question. They have no age: they are myths, they have no right to grow old or to live. So what the hell is Kate Winslet doing asking for her crow’s feet to be respected? Isn’t your belly sufficient for you? Doesn’t Kate Winslet know who she is and what she stands for? Would anyone like to know Marilyn Monroe when they were old? Kate should know that a true diva would prefer death. This is why Kate is a great disappointment to the American industry.

According to the WHO, one in two people in the world discriminates against people because of their age. I would like to add that if we talk about women then perhaps the figure rises to two out of every two people who discriminate against women based on age. And that in the best case. Because in many areas, it is common to deprive women of their right to age. Better to be a monster than an old woman. Or ask Demi Moore. The sexist and ageist North American industry is so tight that Kate Winslet has already been reproached in Titanic make him look older than Di Caprio, even though he was a year older. I was twenty-two then. Today Kate Winslet is forty-five. And again it is surprising that he dares to go out without photoshop. Not even on the posters of the promo! But who does he think he is? Michelle Pfeiffer? At forty-five you should have the appearance of your youngest daughter, this is not a time for nonsense.

Take a look at how the protagonists of the legendary series have aged Friends, a mixed group of men and women where, surprise!, they look like the daughters of their former companions. Or are they vampires? How lucky for them that they are going to be discriminated for the mere fact of having a birthday: who was a male to know the pleasure of that discrimination. Because although old men suck, the truth is that they exist, a bit like Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas in the Kominsky method.

What Hollywood shouldn’t have thought when they put Kate on that ship is that the rich girl in the Titanic It was actually a poor, British working class to be precise. They chose a damn infiltrator as America’s girlfriend. A fat and unprejudiced immigrant. The inexplicable thing now is that everyone likes this forty-five-year-old woman, destroyed, loaded with the past, made and undone. The inexplicable for Hollywood. Because beauty and truth were always the same thing.