Why a stutterer can sing, like Francisco did in La Voz

The stuttering is a communication disorder that affects 70 million people in the world. And it doesn’t have a single causative effect. Both genetic factors and environmental factors act: anxiety, stress, shame, guilt, fear, anger, etc.

People who stutter suffer from problems when speaking as they produce repetitions, prolongations and even voice blocks when they want to communicate. This is because the brain activity of a stutterer is different,

Studies tomography of positrons, which allow a live observation of the activation of the different areas of the brain, have proven this. The left hemisphere, specifically in the so-called “Drill area”, Mark one less activity in the brains of people who stutter.

It has also been identified that the right cerebral hemisphere of a stutterer shows hyperactivity, which could be a compensatory mechanism. Thus, what is clear is that there is a change in how sensory information is processed in a stutterer’s brain compared to a non-stutterer’s brain. That would explain why a person with a stutter, when he sings Instead of talking, his condition disappears.

This is what many singers -and even actors- have been used as a trick for years, and it is one of the best-known therapies for the problems of stuttering. Ed Sheeran, Marc Anthony, Noel Gallagher, BB King, Elvis Presley, and actors like Bruce Willis, Nicole Kidman, and Marilyn Monroe have gotten through it like this.

And it would also be the case of Francisco Benitez, the stuttering young man who was selected by Soledad Pastorutti for your team The Argentine Voice. “What saved me was singing,” said the young man from Cordoba.

With the song, a stuttering person would be “bypassing” the damaged speech circuit, but this is not a simple task: it was discovered that children with stuttering problems also have difficulties when it comes to perceiving and maintaining the rhythm of certain types of music (according to a study by Devin McAuley for the University of Michigan).

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