Who was Sean Connery, the first agent 007 James Bond

This October 5 the World James Bond Day, precisely less than a week before the new film in the franchise: ‘007: No Time To Die’. That is why today we remember the first one who played the emblematic role, Sean Connery and also one of the reasons why this day is celebrated.

Why is World James Bond Day celebrated?

Precisely on October 5, but in 1962, the first film of the franchise was released: ‘Dr. No’. This film was precisely starring Connery and it became a real phenomenon, causing the following year to arrive From Russia with Love, to add, 59 years later, a total of 25 films.

Sean Connery, the first agent 007 James Bond

Throughout history, six actors who have played James Bond: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and recently Daniel Craig.

Connery came from acting movies like ‘The Longest Day’ o ‘Another Time, Another Place’, cuando was chosen to play agent James Bond, a character virile and seductive, but above all, endowed with an irresistible charisma.

Was Agent 007’s character unknown? Well, for lovers of literature, not so much. Before the movies, James Bond was a hero of novels, whose works had more than 60 million copies sold worldwide.

The author was the British journalist Ian Fleming, who brought his experience as a spy during World War II to the character so that the iconic James Bond was born.

The first book of 007 was ‘Casino Royale’ (1953), later there would be 13 more: ‘Goldfinger’, ‘Dr. No ‘,’ From Russia with love ‘, and a series of short stories. Fleming died at 56, in 1964, just two years after the first big screen adaptation, the aforementioned movie ‘Dr. No ‘, but he left James Bond for a while.

Connery first embodied iconic phrases like “Bond, James Bond” or “Mixed, not shaken”, two of the phrases that became famous in the franchise, and that began to be exported to pop culture around the world.

Between 1962 and 1971, with the premiere of ‘Diamonds Are Forever ‘, Craig would be in charge of playing agent 007. In total, 6 credits would endorse him as the first, and for some unmatched, James Bond. In 1983, he would return with ‘Never Say Never Again ‘, in an independent adaptation and that is not part of the official line of James Bond.

Almost a year ago, on October 31, 2020, the death of the 90-year-old was reported. And without a doubt, it will be the first one you think of when talking about James Bond.