Who is Marlene Dietrich and why is she the Google Doodle?

As usual, the internet giant Google pays tribute to various characters, festivities or anniversaries in its already recognized Doodle and this time the search engine space is dedicated to the 116th anniversary of the birth of Marie Magdalene Dietrich, who decided to erase his first name in order to give life to Marlene Dietrich and be remembered as the ‘Fatal Woman’, the unforgettable voice of Hollywood.

A day like today but in 1901, in Berlin (Germany) Marlene Dietrich was born, a woman who broke schemes and made her way into the cinematographic world thanks to her great talent.

His rise to fame came with his starring role in the film The Blue Angel (1930), where she played a singer from the Lola-Lola cabaret. She is also remembered for her participation in films such as Morocco (1930), The Shanghai Express (1932), Blonde Venus (1932) Y The Devil was a woman (1935).

But Dietrich did not stand out exclusively for her great performance as an actress but also for breaking with the traditional schemes of femininity, as she used a tuxedo and a top hat to play a cabaret dancer. Later, he continued to wear garments considered exclusively for male use outside the big screen. This is how the drag artist Sasha Steinberg He decided to remember her because he illustrated her with that suit, along with her essence and all the symbolism of her personality.

Magdalene Dietrich acquired American citizenship in 1939. Captivated millions during the Second World War, received the Medal of Freedom of the USA and the Legion of Honor French for her work during the war.

The actress passed away at the age of 90 in Paris France) the May 6, 1992 due to kidney failure. Today Google pays tribute to her for being one of the great women who went down in history as an icon of cinema, fashion, art in general and as a human being.

The Google Doodle is available at Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Central America, United States, Canada, France, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia Y Germany, among other countries.