Who is Kraven the hunter? Aaron Taylor-Johnson to play him in a movie

Spider-man: Kraven’s Last Hunt // Marvel Comics | Emma McIntyre / GettyImages

From the first movie of Venom, Sony discovered that a mini cinematic universe focused on individual stories of Spider-Man villains could have great potential, so it got down to business.

A sequel to the symbiote and a movie by MorbiusSpider-Man’s enemy vampire were his next steps, but apparently his plan is far from over.

After months of rumors that the next Sony movie could tell the story of villains like Silver Sable or Black Cat, the studio decided to shed a little more light on it, confirming that its next project will be about Kraven the hunter. .

The candidates from the fans and the press were not few, and among them were big stars like Jason Momoa, Luke Evans, Keanu Reeves or Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but in the end Sony decided on an actor with experience in Marvel.

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play Kraven the hunter in the film that opens in January 2023.

Taylor-Johnson already brought a superhero to life a couple of times, first he was Kick-Ass in movies based on Mark Millar’s comics, and most recently he was Pietro Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

This time he will be one of the most ruthless villains in the wall-crawler, and it is believed that he signed a contract to play the hunter in several films.

Production on Kraven’s film may begin in late 2021 or early 2022.

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So far not much is known about the plot, but according to the podcast Discussing Film, Richard Wenk, writer of Kraven, assures that the film will be based on a famous comic of the villain.

Kraven’s Last Hunt It will be the inspiration for Taylor-Johnson’s first film in the Sony universe, and if they follow exactly what appears in that comic, in the Kraven movie we will see Spider-Man.

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Spider-man: Kraven’s Last Hunt // Marvel Comics

Even before a Kraven solo movie, there were rumors that the hunter would be the villain of the third Spider-Man movie, but now everything indicates that the wall-crawler could be Kraven’s antagonist.

First look at Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kraven?

Shortly after Sony’s announcement that Aaron Taylor-Johnson would be Kraven, artist BossLogic uploaded his version of the new Kraven.

In the picture, Taylor-Johnson is shown with thick and long brown hair, a spectacular beard, a rifle on his back and a coat made of lion skin, just as the character is shown in the comics.

Kraven typically prefers to fight beasts bare-knuckled, but this may change in Sony movies.

Who is Kraven the Hunter?

Sergei Kravinoff is the real name of this villain, and for years his greatest obsession has been hunting Spider-Man and turning him into a trophy.

By undergoing a special ritual, Kraven gained superhuman senses and strength, which gave him an advantage over the wall-crawler.

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Spider-Man: Get Kraven #1 // Marvel Comics

He is not an ordinary villain, since unlike the other enemies of Spider-Man, Kraven does not seek to impose a criminal empire in New York, nor does he desire unimaginable riches, his only goal is to hunt down the best prey in the world with his bare hands. .

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