What’s to watch on CCC Go, HBO Max, Cine.Ar Play, Netflix and Mubi


The secret in his eyes (Star Hits, at 2:34 p.m.)

Benjamín Espósito is the clerk of a court. Obsessed by a brutal murder that occurred in 1974, he decides to write a novel about the case, of which he was a witness and protagonist. With Ricardo Darín, Soledad Villamil and Guillermo Francella.

Passenger 57 (Space, at 3:44 p.m.)

Charles Rane is airlifted by the FBI to stand trial for terrorism. With the support of a commando group, he takes control of the ship without imagining that John Cutter, an expert in the fight against terrorism, is traveling in seat 57. With Wesley Snipes.

Kick-Ass: a superhero without powers (Cinecanal, at 22)

A comic book high school student becomes Kick-Ass, the superhero, despite having no powers or reason to do so. But he’s not alone, and he hangs out with a crime-fighting father-daughter duo.

Three brothers, three destinations (Europe Europe, at 11:55 p.m.)

After losing their family home in Algeria, three brothers and their mother are scattered around the world. Little by little, their destinies meet in Paris, where freedom is a battle that is fought and won.



Verónica Henley (Janelle Monáe) is a successful author who finds herself locked in a horrible reality, straddling the present time and the time of the American Civil War, a time when slavery reigned. Veronica will have to uncover the complicated mystery behind everything before time runs out, if she wants to escape. This feature film from the producers of Let Me Out and We, is written and directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz. .

Love life

The series illustrates the story of a different protagonist in each season, focusing on their love life, from the first to the last love. The first season features Anna Kendrick as Darby, the director of a theater company owned by Bradley (Scoot McNairy).


We are united

Lessons on fundamental rights and citizenship set to songs by well-known artists including Janelle Monáe, HER, Adam Lambert, Brandi Carlile and others.

Mobile suit gundam Hathaway

Anime. After Char’s rebellion, Hathaway Noa leads an attack on the Earth Federation, but an enemy officer and a mysterious woman change their fate.


Wendy and Lucy

In the company of her dog Lucy, Wendy moves to Alaska to do a lucrative new job at a fish cannery. Everything is going well until, crossing the state of Oregon, his modest Honda Accord from the 80s breaks down and he has to take it to a workshop. Her financial resources are so limited that she ends up stealing a can of dog food from a supermarket, but is discovered and taken to the police station. When, a few hours later, she is released, it turns out that Lucy has disappeared. Wendy will then have to get her dog back and pay the workshop bill. Thus, both your money and your self-esteem will decrease more and more. Kelly Reichardt’s film, starring Michelle Williams, was highly rated by critics.


The traitors

It dramatizes the life of a union activist who begins his struggle in the Peronist ranks in the 1960s, and who becomes corrupted in his rise to power. Mixing documentary and fiction, it reflects the seventeen most explosive years in the social and political history of Argentina. Film by Raymundo Gleyzer, with Lautaro Murúa, Osvaldo Santoro, Luis Politti, Susana Lanteri and Martín Coria.