What you can buy for less than 50 euros at the auction …

Moviegoers collectors have a more than interesting date next May 26, when a selection of Actress Vivien Leigh’s belongings will go out to online auction at Setdart, from Barcelona. It is a collection of 50 objects that ended up in the hands of a Spanish friend of hers, Elvira Clara Bonet, after the death of the protagonist of gone With the Wind. The peculiar thing about this auction is that lovers of the seventh art or fans of the mythical actress will be able to acquire some of her personal items at very affordable prices.

Thus, although Setdart will auction intimate memories such as the gold and silver cigarette case that Leigh always carried with him, an 18th century Italian sanguine on paper, or emblematic objects of tool that appeared in their most famous movies, You can also purchase items whose initial price does not exceed 50 euros. Next, we show you some of those objects that you can buy at auction:

Wooden cutlery

The lot nº35250794 auction is a game of three cutlery carved in wood what includes: a fork, a spoon and a knife. The largest item measures 21 cm. It’s about a I remember a trip by Vivien Leigh to Kathmandu.

For those who do not know the life of the movie star, with only six years, he abandoned his hometown (Darjeeling, Nepal) in order to move to london together with his parents. After 51 years, in fall 1964, Leigh returned to the East attracted by the beauty of its people, by the exoticism of its streets and by the nature of its landscapes.

The correspondence by letter that he kept with Jack Merivale, British actor who accompanied her from 1958 until her death in 1967, highlights the Leigh’s interest in cities such as Kathmandu, Delhi, Madras, and Karanjia, whose temples, funeral pyres and experiences (such as elephant rides) brought her closer to her earliest roots.

Now for a price of 50 euros, we can get hold of these objects, whose estimated value round the 80-90 euros.

(image: Setdart)

BENSON & HEDGES LTD brand OLIVIER English tobacco packet

The lot nº 35250764 consists of a empty box made of silk-screened cardboard from marca Benson & Hedges. Its measurements are 7.5 x 8.5 x 2 cm.

To know the relationship of this English tobacco brand with the actress Vivien Leigh we must go back to the 50’s. When the tabacalera Benson & Hedges launched his advertising campaign “Bradway Stars” with the successful actor Laurence Olivier as the main imageIt was only looking for the claim of a specific population niche. Under the motto “Specially blended for Laurence Olivier” (specially blended for Laurence Olivier), the tobacco company established a wealthy clientele who trusted the brand and saw in it a symbol of high standing and sophistication.

The broadway stars had a particular appeal to cigarette advertisers: the emphasis on a clear, healthy voice in a Broadway star’s line of work was an ideal avenue for present cigarettes as healthy, rather than harmful.

In this way, Broadway artists they were particularly convincing for this type of campaign, because if the star trusted his voice and throat as a source of income to a cigarette brand, then it would be impossible for the smoke to be irritating, harmful or dangerous. Like Benson & Hedges did, other brands like Lucky Strike and Camel they made the most of Broadway performers in their commercials.

We can get this relic, valued at 100 euros, for only 50 euros.

Screenshot 2021 05 17 at 02:13:48 (image: Setdart)

(image: Setdart)

Lucky Leprechaun figure, with hourglass in his hand

Finally, the lot nº35250788 is equivalent to a figurine of Lucky Leprechaun (lucky leprechaun) holding an hourglass in his hand. This endearing figure is made of painted plastic and glass and measures 8 x 5 x 5 cm. The website does not indicate that there is a story related to this object, but it is still a belonging to one of the stars of film history.

Presents a breakage in the glass of the hourglass, surely due to the passage of time, since it is a memory of the actress from the 50s and 60s. The lucky goblin has a estimated value of 80-90 euros, but we can buy it at auction for 40 euros.

Screenshot 2021 05 17 at 13.03.53 (image: Setdart)

(image: Setdart)