What were the enigmatic words that Walt Disney wrote before he died?

Walt Disney, the creator of the greatest animation empire in the history of cinema, as well as a chain smoker, died on December 15, 1966 of lung cancer. Ten days before, he had turned 65.

The figure of the father of Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald Duck, and many other famous characters with whom millions of children around the world have grown up, always surrounded himself with a halo of mystery and was the center of attention of several urban legends who claimed that he was Spanish or that he had been cryogenized shortly before he died.

Disney has been the center of attention of several urban legends who claimed that he was Spanish or that he had been cryogenized shortly before he died

Another rumor has been circulating in Hollywood for a long time about the enigmatic words that he would have written before he died and that have the actor Kurt Russell himself as the protagonist.

It was the American interpreter himself, who just recently turned 70, who confirmed that he was not an urban legend back in 2007, when he was a guest on the popular Jimmy Kimmel program.

Actor Kurt Russell just turned seventy


“They put me in the office a few years after he died, and a woman – who I don’t think was his secretary, but maybe she was, I don’t know – pointed to something he wrote and said, ‘Do you know what it’s all about? this?’ and I said, ‘no, I don’t know.’ And he said ‘Because he wrote something later. But then he came back and wrote your name. It’s the last thing he wrote. ‘ And I said, ‘Oh God. I don’t know what it connects with, ‘”he said.

Long before becoming known with films like The thing, Blow in Little China O 1997: Rescue in New York, the actor and partner of Goldie Hawn worked for the Mickey Mouse factory when he was 15 years old and met Disney personally, with whom he maintained an excellent relationship.

Walt disney

Walt disney


As he claimed, they sometimes played table tennis or watched other company projects together. “He reminded me of my own grandfather, who was a very creative man with a lot of imagination,” he said of the animation genius. In 1966, he intervened in what would be his first collaboration for the studio: Twenty dozen children, alongside veterans like Fred MacMurray, Vera Miles or Lillian Gish.

Russell was 15 years old in the Disney film ‘Twenty Dozen Children’ and impressed the famous producer

Apparently Disney was so impressed with the mischievous-faced young man’s performance that he urged a ten-year contract to be signed. He also predicted that he would have a long career in film. And although the actor has not been what is said to be a great seventh art star, he has been in the industry since then, with a hundred productions on his resume, some as prominent as Silkwood, con Meryl Streep; Tombstone: La leyenda de Wyatt Earp O The Hateful Eight, under the command of Tarantino.

A teenage Kurt Russell in the movie 'Twenty Dozen Children'

A teenage Kurt Russell in the movie ‘Twenty Dozen Children’

Walt Disney Productions

The Mouse Planet website, which specializes in information about the Walt Disney Company, has a possible explanation for the mysterious last words of the winner of 26 Oscars. And, among the documents that were on his desk, there would be a paper with the heading ‘Television projects in production’. A series of names appeared at the bottom of the page, including the actor’s. Although with a variation: Disney wrote Kirt instead of Kurt.

Among the documents that were on Disney’s desk before he died, there would be a paper with the caption ‘Television projects in production’