What was done? Millie Bobby Brown’s mouth raises suspicions of an aesthetic retouch CELEBRITIES El Intransigente

Millie Bobby Brown She is not the same teenager who appeared in the first season of «Stranger Things». She has grown up and although it is hard to admit it, she is not the same girl with an innocent face that used to pass through the television and that she transmitted during her appearances on the red carpets. Currently, the British actress is 17 years old and, therefore, both her body and the features of her face have completely changed.

It is normal for people to change over the years or because some aesthetic retouching is carried out, as is what is rumored to have happened with the Netflix star. The also protagonist of «Enola Holmes» shared a series of photos of herself on Instagram, doing different poses and at different times in his life, but the first on the reel caught the attention of his fans.

Bobby Brown appeared looking seriously at the camera while putting on a duck’s mouth. Beyond the grimace she made, her lips look much fuller than in the following snapshots, suggesting that she applied Botox. The artist’s lips are usually a bit thin, but in that particular selfie they looked thicker. She has so far neither denied nor confirmed the rumors.

In a past interview with MTV News, Millie opened up about her growth and how her fans are “not ready to accept” that she is no longer a child star. This has caused him great problems on a personal level. Bobby Brown She has had to deal with criticism for doing things that girls her age normally do, but which some see as bad because they think she is younger.

“I am only 17 years old, but at the end of the day, I am learning to be a woman. I’m learning to be a young woman, to be a girl, people see you grow up, right? And they have almost invested in their growth and their journey. But they are not willing to accept the fact that you are growing, “he said. Netflix celebrity affirmed that the remarks of the fans have been directed, mainly, to his fashion choices in recent years.