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15.00 / Movistar Comedy

‘The garden of joy’

Saving Grace. United Kingdom, 2001 (91 minutes). Director: Nigel Cole. Performers: Brenda Blethyn, Craig Ferguson, Martin Clunes, Czech Karyo, Jamie Foreman.

After filming the documentary series Wild hearts In which Julia Roberts and Robin Williams participated, Nigel Cole made his debut in the world of fiction with this sympathetic comedy. The film, perfectly starring the veteran Brenda Blethyn and awarded at Sundance, shows the story of a woman who, after her husband died, decides to face her financial problems with the benefits of a marijuana plantation that she grows in her greenhouse.

15.20 7 The Sixth


Most wanted. United States, 1997 (95 minutes). Director: David Hogan. Performers: Keenen Ivory Wayans, John Voight, Eric Roberts.

Keenen Ivory Wayans produces, stars in and signs the script for this entertaining action movie, in which the main character, after saving himself from the electric chair and accepting a hazardous materials trafficking mission, is charged with the murder of the first lady of USA.

15.22 / Comedy Central

‘The mask’

The Mask. United States, 1994. Director: Charles Russell. Cast: Jim Carrey, Peter Greene, Amy Yasbeck, Cameron Díaz.

Fantasy comedy based on the Tex Avery cartoons. To bring the likeable protagonist to life, the producers thought of the gesticulating Jim Carrey. But despite this small setback, the film is enjoyable and fun, especially due to its excellent special effects, which are undoubtedly the best. Rhythm and action for a comedy with interest.

16.00 / Four

Spain prepares the Olympics against Iran

The Spanish basketball team is back to its old ways before playing the Tokyo Olympics. In preparation for this competition, Spain will play several games before going to the Japanese capital. The novelty this year is the return of Pau Gasol after four years, in what may be his last great tournament and possibly his retirement from the basketball courts. Sergio Scariolo’s men will face Iran at La Fonteta in the afternoon.

16.00 / 1

Eighth stage of the Tour

In this eighth stage, which begins in the French city of Oyonnax, cyclists will have to cover a total of 150.8 kilometers to reach the finish line. The route once again passes through the formidable sequence of the peaks of Romme and La Colombière. These ascents will be preceded by the Mont-Saxonnex, the first step towards the plain of Solaison. A short and therefore nervous day that will end in the Le Grand Bornand ski resort, the French round in recent years.

16.20 / Hollywood

‘Pride and prejudice’

Pride & Prejudice. United Kingdom, 2005 (127 minutes). Director: Joe Wright. Performers: Keira Knightley, Brenda Blethyn, Rosamund Pike, Donald Sutherland.

After films like Emma, ​​Mansfield Park and Sense and Sensibility, among others, Jane Austen’s literary universe returns to the big screen, now under the watchful eye of newcomer Joe Wright (The Darkest Moment). Set in rural England at the end of the 18th century, this award-winning film tells, with a careful recreation of the Victorian era, a classic story of love and misunderstandings. An acclaimed romantic drama that was a candidate for four Oscars. With charm.

18.00 / Four

The quarterfinals of the Eurocup come to an end

The quarterfinals of this edition of the Eurocup close with two interesting clashes. First (Four, 18.00) Czech Republic and Denmark will meet in a match without a clear favorite. The Czechs come to this event after beating the Netherlands in the round of 16. He won with solvency, 0-2, thanks to goals from Tomas Holes and Patrik Schick, who reached four in the tournament to place only one behind Cristiano Ronaldo. The Danes, meanwhile, come at a good moment, after thrashing (4.0) Wales in the quarterfinals. What’s more, he believes himself capable of going very far in a European Championship in which he has been able to overcome the loss from the first game due to a heart problem in his top star, Christian Eriksen. Later (Telecinco, 21.00), Ukraine will face England at the Olympic in Rome for the last place in the semifinals. The English beat old rival Germany at Wembley to claim their first knockout win since Euro 1996, while Ukraine beat Sweden in overtime at Hampden Park.

18.33 / Movistar Drama


United Kingdom-India, 1982 (181 minutes). Director: Richard Attenborough. Performers: Ben Kingsley, Candice Bergen, Edward Fox.

Richard Attenborough (Chaplin) won one of the most award-winning films in the history of cinema (including Oscars for best picture, direction, actor -excellent role of Ben Kingsley- and photography, among others) with this biography of the man who with his philosophy of peace and non-violence became one of the great historical leaders of the last century, Gandhi.

18.50 / 1

‘Prettier than any’

Spain, 1965 (110 minutes). Director: Luis César Amadori. Performers: Rocío Dúrcal, Luigi Giuliani, Gracita Morales, Tomás Blanco, María Luisa Merlo.

One of those musical comedies that were so popular in the Spanish cinema of the sixties. On this occasion, the gorgoritos are given by Rocío Dúrcal. Ñoña and very old-fashioned, but it has its unconditional audience. This was the first of a series of films that the singer would chain under the command of Luis César Amadori.

21.00 / The Sixth

New guests on ‘laSexta noche’

This Saturday they will be in the sixth night with Iñaki López and Verónica Sanz, the politician and writer Borja Sémper, the singer and Lolita and Loquillo. In addition, infections rise again and soar among the youngest. The program asks if we are facing the fifth wave of the coronavirus. They will discuss it during the program with the experts.

21.30 / The 1

the Trans Law, in ‘Weekly Report’

Tonight, Weekly report begins his review of the present with the latest statements about Operation Kitchen and will approach the political news of South America with Nicaragua: Siege of the Opposition. To end this edition they will dedicate the last report to the recently approved Trans Law. After months of blockade and a hard fight between its partners, PSOE and United We Can, the Government has given the green light this week to the draft of what is known as the Trans Law. The text allows those over 16 years of age to change sex in the registry without requirements and without medical reports or tests. Those over 14 will need the consent of their legal representatives and those between 12 and 14, judicial authorization. While trans groups applaud the draft, a sector of feminism opposes it because they believe that it endangers the rights achieved by women and makes them invisible.

22.10 / Antenna 3

‘The fire of revenge’

Man of Fire. Estados Unidos, 2004 (120 m.). Dir.: Tony Scott. Int.: Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning, Christopher Walken.

Oscar winner Denzel Washington (again perfect in the role of a bitter ex-CIA agent) shares the limelight with the young Dakota Fanning (War of the Worlds) in this attractive thriller that adapts the interesting novel by AJ Quinnell The protector. A good X-ray of the characters and a quality script are the best allies in this effective criminal intrigue.

23.00 / Telecinco

End of ‘Top Star, how much is your voice worth?’

In this Top Star final, how much is your voice worth? ‘, Presented by Jesús Vázquez, the seven winners of the weekly galas will face each other again. Brequette, who took 16,000 euros from the hand of Risto Mejide; Joana Jiménez, the coplera who won 25,000 euros after Risto bet on her; Álex Escribano, the Valencian artist who earned 13,000 euros sponsored by Isabel Pantoja; Andrea Paracouto, chosen by Danna Paola and winner of 25,000 euros; Luciano Pabón, Argentine actor and model who got 30,000 euros thanks to Risto’s bet; Angélica Leyva, who took 18,000 euros thanks to Pantoja’s bid; and Sislena, for which Risto bet 24,000 euros. Mentors will receive an extra 5,000 euros to bet on their favorite for each program they have won, so that there will be three finalists. Only one of them, chosen by ‘Los 50’, will win the final victory.

23.35 / The 1

‘My best friend’s Wedding’

My Best Friend’s Wedding. Estados Unidos, 1997. Director: P. J. Hogan. Intérpretes: Julia Roberts, Dermont Mulroney, Cameron Diaz, Rupert Everett, Philip Bosco, Rachel Griffiths.

Julia Roberts (Pretty woman O I like messes) and Cameron Diaz (The mask O Something happens with Mary) fight for the love of Dermont Mulroney (Live rolling O The domino effect) in this sympathetic romantic comedy directed by PJ Hogan, an Australian filmmaker who burst onto the international film scene thanks to the success of Muriel’s wedding. A suggestive script and a great sense of humor are the best allies in this modest but remarkable story. Highly recommended.

23.35 / The 2

The fight for sexual identity

This week, The thematic night puts the finishing touch to the special programming that RTVE has dedicated to Pride 2021 with the premiere of Sexual identity: repression. More than 50 years after the Stonewall uprising in the United States, thousands of homosexuals, due to social, family or religious pressure, have been subjected to humiliation and even physical violence to try to annul their homosexuality. These “conversion therapies” that promise to solve a supposed deviant sexual orientation are dangerous practices directed by religious or pseudoscientific communities that do not hesitate to use degrading methods to achieve their ends. In total, it is estimated that at least 700,000 Americans have undergone therapies of all kinds.

0.50 / Four

‘The managers’

Spain, 2006 (87 minutes). Director: Fernando Guillén Cuervo. Int .: Fran Perea, Paco León, Enrique Villén.

The adventures of two unemployed forties who decide to become managers of some promises of the song, Los Reyes del King, served Fernando Guillén Cuervo to shoot this hooligan parody of the society in which we live.

1.02 / TCM

‘Eyes Wide Shut’

United Kingdom, 1999 (152 minutes). Director: Stanley Kubrick. Performers: Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Sydney Pollack, Marie Richardson.

Stanley Kubrick took more than two years to shoot his cinematic testament. The renowned director turned his attention to an Arthur Schnitzler original to shape this intense, albeit irregular drama – after an impressive start he loses his way somewhat – which navigates the harsh crisis suffered by a bourgeois marriage played by Tom Cruise and a brilliant Nicole Kidman.

1.46 / Hollywood

‘The Jackal (Chacal)’

United States, 1997. Director: Michael Caton-Jones. Performers: Bruce Willis, Richard Gere, Sidney Poitier.

If in the version directed by Fred Zinnemann in 1973 it was the life of President Charles de Gaulle that was in danger, now it is the turn of a high-ranking US government official. Michael Caton-Jones, director, among others, of Rob Roy Y Doc Hollywood, takes up the story of the well-known criminal in this attractive intrigue, full of action, suspense and special effects, and with such well-known protagonists as Bruce Willis, who goes from his usual heroes to being the villain of the moment, and the always irregular Richard Gere . Emotion assured.

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