What to watch on TV today? Monday May 31, 2021 | TV

10.10 / TCM

Special programming: the ‘Clint Eastwood Day’

Today, Clint Eastwood turns 91 and remains active, finishing his next film, Cry Macho. TCM celebrates this anniversary and dedicates the entire day to his figure and his cinema. The channel will broadcast eight of its most significant and remembered films. Titles, among others, such as They made two mistakes (10.10), For a bunch of dollars (16.05), The bridges of Madison (17.40) the Dirty Harry (22.00).

14.00 / TCM

‘Without forgiveness’

Unforgiven. USA, 1992 (125 minutes). Director: Clint Eastwood. Performers: Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman.

Near the end of the century, Clint Eastwood cast a crystalline, almost postmodern look at Western cinema. This is the greatest merit of Without Forgiveness, the fact that the eternal themes of the western world (declassification, honor, the weight of a violent past) appear on the screen as recently discovered. The West of Eastwood, yes, is stormy and feverish, and shows its heroes aged, faded, almost miserable … Now, they are not dead yet, because the legendary characters survive any story and any genre.

15.00 / Movistar Action

‘Save Private Ryan’

Saving Private Ryan. EE UU, 1998 (162 minutos). Director: Steven Spielberg. Intérpretes: Tom Hanks, Tom Sizemore, Edward Burns, Matt Damon, Jeremy Davies.

The stark experiences of a North American platoon in World War II serve Spielberg as an excuse to create an altarpiece in which he expresses the best and the worst of the human being. Five years after Schindler’s list, the filmmaker once again silenced many detractors with this masterful journey into the horrors of war, in which he boasts an impeccable technical workmanship, at times astonishing, in addition to loading his images of density, transparency and sincerity. A model film of antiwar conviction.

16.10 / Hollywood

‘Iron Man’

USA, 2008 (126 minutes). Director: Jon Favreau. Performers: Robert Downey Jr., Jeff Bridges, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Among the torrent of film adaptations of the legendary Marvel comics, Iron Man It is shown as a more than acceptable show, although with somewhat reactionary aromas. Of course, those who do not know comics will feel more than lost.

18.00 / Four

The Spanish Under-21 team, for their sixth European title

The quarter-finals of the UEFA Under-21 European Championship begin, in which Spain will face Croatia in a match that will be broadcast live by Cuatro. The chain will also offer the semifinals, on June 3, and the final on June 6. After the positive in COVID of Moncayola, which has delayed the team’s trip and has led to the inclusion of Madrid player Antonio Blanco as a replacement, the team The U21 national team is looking for a place in the semifinals, in which they will face Portugal or Italy.

19.30 / The 1

‘Direct Spain’ travels to the Alpujarra of Almería

From today until next Thursday, June 3, the province of Almería will be the protagonist of Spain direct. The program will bring viewers closer to the culture of the towns of the Alpujarra from the hand of its reporters. In Almería, they will visit places such as the Alhabia ceramic workshop, the San Nicolás spa with its mineral-medicinal water, the Laujar de Andarax jarapas or the Padules canals. In addition, the reporters Marina Sala and Fernando Ballesteros will take their first dips of the summer in the paradisiacal beaches of Los Genoveses and Los Muertos.

19.45 / #Vamos and Movistar Deportes

Basketball League finals begin

Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Lenovo Tenerife, Valencia Basket, TD Systems Baskonia, Hereda San Pablo Burgos, Joventut and Herbalife Gran Canaria are the teams that will fight for the basketball league title. #Vamos broadcasts live the quarterfinals of the competition, which begin today, the best of three games. The first matches are Valencia Basket-TD Systems Baskonia (19.45, Movistar Deportes) and Real Madrid-Herbalife Gran Canaria (22.00, #Vamos). Tomorrow the Lenovo Tenerife-Hereda San Pablo Burgos (19.45, Movistar Deportes) and the Barcelona-Joventut Badalona (22.00, #Vamos) will be played

21.45 / Antenna 3

‘El hormiguero’ talks to Andrés Calamaro

Week starts in The anthill with the visit of the singer and composer Andrés Calamaro. One of the greatest figures of Argentine rock who will present his new album, entitled God raises them. It is a work in which he covers some of the most outstanding songs in his repertoire, and in which he has the collaboration of artists such as Julio Iglesias, Alejandro Sanz, Raphael, Juanes or Sebastián Yatra, among others.

22.00 / Movistar Drama

‘Eastern promises’

Eastern Promises. United States, 2007 (100 minutes). Director: David Cronenberg. Performers: Viggo Mortensen, Naomi Watts, Vincent Cassel.

David Cronenberg delves into the codes of film noir to draw a stark story that revolves around a powerful Viggo Mortensen, avenging angel, as the axis of the plot. Eastern promises delivers a convulsive tale that stirs in an almost ghostly London, inside the sewers of the Russian mafias. On the other hand, it models a firm portrait of characters that delves into the abjection of a society devoted to the cult of power, cruelty and violence.

22.10 / The 1

Second semifinal in ‘The Dancer’

Who will be the eight chosen to fight for victory in space The Dancer? The second semifinal will reveal their names. In this gala, the dancer least voted by the public on the set will once again be eliminated directly from the competition, and the two other candidates who receive the least support will be in the risk zone, since one of them will also be expelled. In addition, tonight Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Lola Indigo and Rafa Méndez will once again show their dancing skills in a starter choreography to the rhythm of Higher Love, de Whitney Houston.

22.30 / Neox


United Kingdom, 2012 (143 minutes). Director: Sam Mendes. Performers: Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem.

Daniel Craig plays Agent 007 for the third time in an aggressive and unbridled film, with revenge as the narrative engine. Skyfall it benefits from an even darker tone than the previous ones, and features a memorable work by Javier Bardem, which enhances his character as the villain of the role.

22.30 / Sundance

‘Hotel Rwanda’

UK, 2004 (120 minutes). Director: Terry George. Interpreters: Don Cheadle, Nick Nolte, Joaquin Phoenix.

Hotel Rwanda It is a shocking evocation of the figure of Paul Rusesabagina, a Rwandan Hutu who hid in the hotel of which he was director more than 1,000 Tutsis harassed by the Hutus in the Rwandan genocide. It is true that the film sins of a well-off staging, but it is firm as a shaker of consciences.

22.45 / Antenna 3

Second famous unmasked, in ‘Mask Singer’

Roberto Garver

Last week, Menina was the mask most voted by the public to reveal her identity in space Mask Singer: it was the international star La Toya Jackson. This Monday, Dragon, Medusa, Frog, Egg and Kitten will be the masks that will face each other in the program’s gala. Three of them will first compete with each other and, later, the last two. Before each performance, a video will be shown that will give a clue about the identity of the character. Then it will be time to go on stage and sing with your real voice. At the end, the researchers Paz Vega, José Mota, Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi will unfold their theories and their speculations to try to discover who the character is.

23.50 / AMC


EE UU, 2009 (160 minutos). Director: Zack Snyder. Intérpretes: Patrick Wilson, Carla Gugino, Jackie Earle Haley.

It was an extremely difficult task to bring Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ monumental comic to the screen. However, Zack Snyder shows his effort when it comes to respecting the spirit of the original vignettes and delivers a work full of nerve, energetic sequences and powerful images. Watchmen plays with superheroes as popular icons to subject them to a deconstruction that viciously affects their darker side. And finally, Snyder, always risky, manages to satisfy comic fans and movie lovers alike.

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