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13.10 / TCM


USA, 2014 (165 minutes). Director: Richard Linklater. Performers: Ellar Coltrane, Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette.

In contemporary cinema there are still filmmakers who travel against the current to embrace the magic of images. We have to thank Richard Linklater for his courage when shooting Boyhood over 12 years, with the same actors, but we still have to thank him more for the leap into the void that is a story that only seeks the recreation of life itself: an exploration of vital time through cinematographic time. Boyhood revolves around a group of unforgettable characters and embraces a dramatic development that talks about their affections, their resignations, their desires, their miseries … in short, about the passage of time. Life made into cinema. Emotion transformed into images. Until reaching an unspeakable final shot, the absolute essence of the intentions of a film outside the norm.

15.30 / COSMO

‘Gangs of New York’

USA, 2000 (166 minutes). Director: Martin Scorsese. Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, Cameron Díaz.

One of the last major works by Martin Scorsese, creating a grandiose fresco set in New York in the second half of the 19th century. Although it is clearly perceived that part of the original footage was pruned by the production company, the savage struggle between the gangs that populate the city allows the filmmaker to delve into a magnificent social and political portrait. The function is rounded off by an unforgettable work by an immense Daniel Day-Lewis.

19.30 / The 1

‘Direct Spain’, from the Malaga Film Festival

Ana Ibáñez and Àngel Pons present live, from Gibralfaro Castle, the space Spain direct, who travels to Malaga to experience the 24th edition of the city’s Film Festival live. For her part, the journalist Raquel Falcón will show everything that happens at the Cervantes Theater, which welcomes the arrival of actors, actresses and filmmakers these days. But the program will not only talk about cinema, but will also tour Malaga to show its museums and its rich offer of traveling exhibitions, such as those offered by the Pompidou Museum or the artists concentrated in Pedregalejo.

21.15 / Neox

Premiere of new episodes of ‘The Simpsons’

Neox premieres new installments of season 31 of the series The Simpsons. On this occasion, the chapter The winter of our monetized content tells how a video of Homer and Bart fighting goes viral, so that both begin a journey as influencers of social networks. Meanwhile, after a confrontation in the Springfield school cafeteria, for which she is punished, Lisa will fight against the new industrialized detention system of the center.

21.30 / Movistar CineÑ

‘Salvador (Puig Antich)’

Spain-United Kingdom, 2005 (134 minutes). Director: Manuel Huerga. Performers: Daniel Brühl, Tristán Ulloa, Leonardo Sbaraglia.

Salvador (Puig Antich) it is a fierce plea against the death penalty, but also an angry portrait of Spain in the years before Franco’s death; a sordid and convulsed Spain, shaken by the death throes of a dictatorship that still had power over the lives of others. Salvador Puig Antich, one of the last executed by the regime, was a member of the anarchist group Iberian Liberation Movement, and his story could be that of so many others. An emotional and ardent film, which grows to raise painful emotions, supported by a memorable group of actors.

21.45 / Antenna 3

Sharon Stone, in ‘The anthill’

Pablo Motos starts the week at the helm of The anthill in the company of an international movie star. The actress Sharon Stone will talk for the first time with Motos and will talk about her career and, especially, about the recent publication of her memoirs, The beauty of living twice in which he offers an emotional journey through his artistic work and his private life.

22.00 / Movistar Drama

‘Once upon a Time in America’

Once Upon a Time in America. USA, 1984 (220 minutes). Director: Sergio Leone. Performers: Robert de Niro, James Woods.

Serio Leone’s most ambitious film is an emotional reflection on the unappealable of the passage of time. Leona simultaneously elaborates an epic story and a tribute to the gangster genre, in a story covered by images of slow and methodical rhythm. An approach to the lives of two friends facing the law, the streets and, ultimately, life itself.

22.05 / Paramount Network


USA, 2003 (137 minutes). Director: Ron Howard. Performers: Tommy Lee Jones, Cate Blanchett, Evan Rachel Wood.

Director of Apolo 13 Y An amazing mind He alternates personal films with shows dedicated to glamor and fuss. In this case, he achieves an absorbing western and borderline, with a sensual cadence, in which distant reminiscences of Centaurs of the desert. A great film rounded off by its excellent leading partner.

22.05 / The 1

‘My Fair Lady’

United States, 1964 (165 minutes). Director: George Cukor. Performers: Rex Harrison, Audrey Hepburn, Stanley Holloway, Gladys Cooper.

Two learned linguists cross a bet: to turn a Covent Garden rose seller into a lady of high society. Masterful screen adaptation of Lerner and Loewe’s musical comedy, which in turn was inspired by the Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw. My fair lady it is a joyous show in which all its elements are magically assembled. Elegant, delicious, vibrant, they are just adjectives that will never convey the sensations that Master Cukor is capable of giving away in a classic masterpiece, on his own merits beyond good and evil.

22.10 / The 1

The grand finale of ‘The Dancer’ arrives

Eight dancers have managed to reach the last gala of The Dancer. In this final of the program, four of them, the least voted by the public, will be eliminated after their performances. The other four will risk it all in one last dance before the jury. In addition, throughout the gala, Lola Indigo will perform two of her latest hits live, Street Y Spice Girls, accompanied by a luxurious corps de ballet made up of the captains and finalists of the program.

22.45 / Antenna 3

A new installment of the ‘Woman’ series

The Turkish series Woman accumulates more conflicts for his characters in the plots of tonight’s episode. An installment that tells how Bahar wants to step forward and open up to Arif in the face of the hurtful gossip made by his stepsister. In addition, the fact of having found her biological son with Emre will put Ceyda in the position of having to abandon the care of Arda or not. As if that were not enough, he will have to deal with his dismissal before a hurt Raif, who feels betrayed.

0.25 / Movistar Action

‘Blade Runner’

USA, 1982 (112 minutes). Director: Ridley Scott. Performers: Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young.

Blade Runner remains an icon of modern cinema. In his day, the now-wandering Ridley Scott broke new ground in science fiction by combining codes from film noir, western, and thriller. Today, his reflection on life and death, the meaning of existence and the fleetingness of feelings is still alive. All this within an overwhelming visual design that recreates a sordid and inhuman Los Angeles, ravaged by rain and publicity, through which Harrison Ford passes as heir to the detectives of the black genre.

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