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14.00 / Teledeporte and Eurosport

Third stage of the Tour

After the eventful opening day and a second stage with victory and leadership from the Dutchman Mathieu van der Poel, the peloton faces this third stage of the Tour. A flat stage starting in Lorient and finishing in Pontivy (182.9 kilometers with two smooth 4th category passes where the sprinters will have their first clear chance of victory. The Australian Caleb Ewan, winner twice last year, and the French Arnaud Démare are the names that sound the most to win today.

14.17 / Hollywood

‘Brokeback Mountain. On fenced land ‘

‘Brokeback Mountain. United States, 2005 (134 minutes). Director: Ang Lee. Cast: Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams.

Ang Lee traveled to the immense landscapes of Texas and Wyoming to set this beautiful and award-winning film (three Oscars, four Golden Globes and a prize for the best film in Venice, among many others), based on a short story by the writer Annie Proulx. Lee draws a beautiful and warm love story between two cowboys in which he demonstrates once again, supported by good performances and a delicious soundtrack, his mastery of the keys of classical staging.

15.02 / Movistar Comedy

‘When you least expect it’

Something’s Gotta Give. United States, 2003 (122 minutes). Director: Nancy Meyers. Performers: Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves, Frances McDormand.

In this sympathetic review of the eternal war between the sexes, director Nancy Meyers decided to make fun of intergenerational relationships and, at the same time, relate that romance and passion in adulthood are as strong and real as at 25 years old. A measured script and two great performances by Diane Keaton (deserved Golden Globe and Oscar nomination) and Jack Nicholson (Golden Globe nomination) do the rest.

15.48 / 0#

‘Billy Elliot (I want to dance)’

Billy Elliot. United Kingdom, 2000 (106 minutes). Director: Stephen Daldry. Performers: Jamie Bell, Julie Walters, Gary Lewis.

Stephen Daldry, an author from the world of theater, made his debut in the making of feature films with this beautiful film that portrays an 11-year-old boy’s passion for dance in an invented town in the English county of Durham in the middle of the conflict of the mining strikes in the UK in the mid-1980s. Jamie Bell, chosen from more than 2,000 candidates, stars in this story, which won two Bafta Awards from the British Academy and added three Oscar nominations.

17.12 / Movistar Action

‘L.A. Confidential’

United States, 1997 (138 minutes). Director: Curtis Hanson. Performers: Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, James Cromwell, Kim Basinger.

Corrupt agents, drug trafficking, operated prostitutes that look like movie stars, tabloid press and a high number of murders make up the wide range of possibilities offered by this brilliant thriller. Curtis Hanson adapted, with the help of screenwriter Brian Helgeland, James Ellory’s famous novel into this fast-paced story, which reached two of the nine oscars to which he chose and who knew how to recover the flavor of the classics of the genre.

18.00 / Telecinco

Spain plays the pass to the quarters

Finally, it will be possible to play the round of 16 match of the Eurocup that faces Croatia and Spain at the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen after the positive for coronavirus of the Croatian Ivan Perisic, leader of the Balkan team together with the Madrid player Luka Modric. For their part, the men led by Luis Enrique, after two sad draws and the good image shown against Slovakia in the last match of the group stage, are confident that they will move on to the next stage. At night (9:00 pm), the National Arena in Bucharest (Romania) will host the round of 16 match between France, current world champion and first in their group, and Switzerland, which entered this round as one of the four best third thirds.

19.33 / Movistar Action

‘Sweet monos’

Twelve monkeys. United States, 1995 (124 minutes). Director: Terry Gilliam. Cast: Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, Brad Pitt.

In a world where the vast majority of humanity has been annihilated in a holocaust, this original futuristic adventure unfolds, which moves between lucidity and madness, dreams and reality. Terry Gilliam, former Monty Python, opted for the surprising script by the Peoples brothers to shoot this intense film, which had a really good cast. Winner of the Golden Globe for best supporting actor (Brad Pitt), the film was also nominated for two Oscars, best supporting actor (Pitt) and costume.

19.51 / TCM

‘The Age of Innocence’

The age of innocence. United States, 1993 (135 minutes). Director: Martin Scorsese. Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Winona Ryder.

The prolific Martin Scorsese signs this interesting adaptation of Edith Warton’s novel in which he takes a look at the high hierarchies of New York society of the 1870s, a world that moves between gossip and betrayal. Good job of its luxurious cast and magnificent setting for a drama that, despite some concessions to the gallery, is shown well above the usual average.

21.45 / Antenna 3

‘El hormiguero’ receives Antonio Dechent

Tonight, The anthill The week starts with the visit of the actor Antonio Dechent, who will present his new film, entitled Dead man does not know how to live. It’s about a thriller with film noir overtones that opens in theaters next Friday and revolves around Tano, a man who has worked all his life for Manuel, a construction businessman who in better times controlled the entire city. Now, in old age, Tano sees how Manuel can no longer run the company and the entire structure faces a generational change, new people, new businesses, a new way of running the company, but the same violence as always. In addition, Pablo Motos and his ants will review his long career that includes almost a hundred films, as well as an extensive career in theater and television.

22.00 / The 2

‘The sweet life’

Italy, 1959 (166 minutes). Director: Federico Fellini. Interpretes: Marcello Mastroianni, Anita Ekberg, Yvonne Fourneaux, Walter Santesso, Anouk Aimée, Lex Barker.

Imaginative, surprising, stark and unrepeatable film in which Federico Fellini satirizes, with elegance, but with great emptiness, the Roman gentry of the sixties through the eyes of a press photographer. A cast full of stars, with a beautiful Anita Ekberg and the always masterful Marcello Mastroianni, ends up rounding out one of the mythical films of Italian cinematography and, by extension, of world cinema. Masterpiece.

22.10 / The 1

‘Queen Victoria and Abdul’

Victoria and Abdul. United Kingdom, 2017 (112 minutes). Director: Stephen Frears. Performers: Judi Dench, Ali Fazal, Eddie Izzard.

Historical drama starring the always effective (here it stands as the best of the film) Judi Dench and that narrates the close friendship between the Indian Abdul Karim and Queen Victoria of England, very badly received in the Royal House due to the change of mentality that provokes in the Queen. A new example of the traditional and luxurious (garnered two Oscar nominations, best costume and best make-up and hairstyling) British period drama directed by Stephen Frears in his second approach to the British crown after The Queen.

22.30 / COSMO

17 minute to awaken consciences

COSMO premieres, 17 minutes with Nora, short film made to raise awareness in support of the LGTBIQ collective and, specifically, the rights that affect transgender people. Directed by Imanol Ruiz de Lara, starring Isak Férrizy (a regular in Enrique Urbizu’s cinema) and Álex Silleras and shot in a single sequence shot, it follows the story of Nora, a theater student, and Luis, her father. Neither of them knows that they are both about to play the most important role of their lives. In the next 17 minutes the relationship between the two will change forever. The song Chrome and Platinum by Soledad Vélez is also one of the protagonists of this short. The interpreter has given her song to accompany this story and put her grain of sand in this project of social cause.

22.30 / DMAX

More ‘Enigmas of antiquity’


This series, Enigmas of Antiquity, brings new research to the laboratory so that, thanks to new technologies applied to forensic science, specialists can find answers to mysteries that have remained unsolved since the beginning of human civilization more than 70,000 years ago. In this episode the archaeologists excavate a historical site located in Chile where they make a chilling discovery and find decapitated human skulls far from a cemetery; Experts use advanced cranial forensic techniques to reveal

22.45 / Antenna 3

New installment of ‘Woman’

This Monday, in Woman, International drama of Turkish origin that has become the leader of the night Monday after Monday, Bahar, sitting with Fazilet, will open his heart. The protagonist will tell you about the loves in her life, about the men who have made her feel, love. One was love at first sight; another, on the other hand, made her feel alive again and not only to be a mother, but to feel like a woman. Time to talk about Sarp and Arif. Besides, everything is about to come to light … Sirin, face to face with Arif, is debating whether or not to make the biggest confession of all: his most hidden secret. Is Sirin having a new ace up his sleeve?

23.55 / Movistar Action


China-Hong Kong, 2002 (95 minutos). Director: Zhang Yimou. Intérpretes: Jet Li, Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung, Zhang Ziyi.

This brilliant film marked Zhang Yimou’s first approach to martial arts cinema and offers his personal take on the genre, with an impressive production design, carefully shot by cinematographer Christopher Doyle. (The impassive American). Candidate for the Oscar and the Golden Globe for best foreign film, it won the Alfred Bauer prize for the most innovative work at the Berlin Film Festival.

0.36 / Hollywood

‘Rear Window’

Rear Window. United States, 1954 (106 minutes). Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Performers: James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Thelma Ritter.

One of Hitchcock’s most famous films, based on the homonymous story by William Irish, tells the story of a photographer (James Stewart’s impressive work) who takes advantage of his convalescence due to an accident in which he has broken his leg to spy on the neighborhood with a telephoto lens. After becoming familiar with the customs and life of his neighbors, he comes to the conclusion that the mysterious man in the house opposite (Raymond Burr) has murdered his wife. The action is located halfway between the apartment of the protagonist and the courtyard of the buildings. Quite a cinematic lesson from the great master.

2.36 / Movistar Drama

‘Twentieth century’

Italy, 1976 (156 minutes). Director: Bernardo Bertolucci. Performers: Gérard Depardieu, Robert De Niro, Dominique Sanda.

With the soundtrack by Ennio Morricone, the photography by Vittorio Storaro, the performances of a masterful cast led by Gérard Depardieu and Robert De Niro and a plot that reviews, through the tragedy of two families facing each other, the troubled history of a country Like Italy, Bernardo Bertolucci makes one of the great films in the history of cinema.

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