What to see on CCC Go, Netflix, Mubi, HBO Max and Cont.ar


Friends with rights (Star Channel, at 1:35 p.m.)

Emma and Adam are best friends, but everything changes when, following their impulses, they start having sex. Although at first they decide to maintain a relationship without commitments, this promise will be impossible for them to fulfill.

Steel Temper: Two Versions (Paramount Network, at 4.15pm)

The courage of three partners is put to the test when a 14-year-old girl, Mattie, hires Marshal Ruben Cogburn to kill the man who murdered her father. Also known as “Valor de ley,” it is the Coen Brothers’ version, starring Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon, of Henry Hathaway’s classic western, starring John Wayne, which the signal will broadcast at 6.15pm.

Pablo escobar, the boss of evil (A&E, at 10 p.m., Monday through Friday)

The signal re-releases the multi-award-winning 74-episode series that tells the story of the Colombian drug trafficker and top leader of the Medellín Cartel, starring Andrés Parra.la ola (Europe Europe, at 11:45 p.m.) The experiment of a high school teacher, to demonstrate to his students what life is like under a dictatorship, it gets out of control when it forms a social unit with a life of its own.


Pengüin bloom

Starring Naomi Watts and Andrew Lincoln (from “The Walking Dead”), the film is based on the novel by Bradley Trevor Greive and Cameron Bloom. It tells the story of a mother, Sam Bloom (Watts), who becomes paraplegic after an accident on her vacation. Your consolation will be to care for an injured magpie. Lincoln plays Cameron, Sam’s husband and author of the novel.


The halt

It is the year 2034 AD. C. and Southeast Asia has been in darkness for the last three years, literally because the sun has not shone as a result of massive volcanic eruptions in the Celebes Sea in 2031. Madmen control countries, communities, enclaves and cities bubble. Lav Diaz wrote, directed and edited this ironic, ambitious and joyous film … of 4 hours!


Superman: Man of Tomorrow

The Man of Steel animated film chronicles a new era of superheroes in the city of Metropolis, focusing on the story of Daily Planet intern Clark Kent. The producers present a new graphic aesthetic in this film, with a different animation style compared to the 41 films created over 13 years. According to the first critics, the story manages to keep the public’s attention due to its outstanding visual appeal, similar to that of a comic. The animation work combines different shots in each scene, a detail that gives complexity and variety to the production.


The series continues with the experiences of a group of skater girls from New York, started in the movie “Skate Kitchen” (2018). Camille is facing a conflictive affair with a somewhat older boy, while Indigo has a relative who is a dealer and a debt to pay him. Kirt is the buffoon of the group, Honeybear is having an affair with another girl, and Janay’s situation of sexual harassment is the richest in analysis, as it produces some unexpected conflict situations. But the main thing is to portray the group: its movements, its walk, its camaraderie or its fights, and the city that houses them.


Criminal episodes

Series that narrates police events that shocked the province of Santa Fe between 1920 and 1940. Each chapter is dedicated to a case and lasts 28 minutes. The recreation of fictional images, the support of documentary evidence of the time and the testimony of professionals in the field -criminologists, anthropologists, forensics, writers and journalists- provide a framework for this work. “El Caníbal de Cayastá” in 1936, “The Triple Crime of Estación Clucellas” in 1940, “The Crime of the Justice of the Peace” in 1927 and “Secret and death of Abel Ayerza” in 1932, make up the series of these stories that are part of the darker history of provincial criminology.