What is Your Honor, the new Bryan Cranston series about? It’s like breaking bad

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Bryan Cranston became an expert in portraying good characters who do bad things out of necessity and his new series, Your Honor, is proof of it.

In December 2020, Showtime premiered Your Honor, a new drama series starring Bryan Cranston that in Latin America is available on Paramount Plus.

The show is an adaptation of the Israeli series Quota by Peter Moffat, who previously wrote Silk, Undercover, Criminal Justice Y Hawkins.

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In addition to Cranston, the series stars Hunter Doohan, Michael Stuhlbarg and has a special participation Isiah Whitlock Jr., known for The Wire.

While the protagonist continues to be remembered for his drug lord days as Walter White in Breaking Bad, in the new series he plays Michael Desiato, a judge from New Orleans who must protect his son.

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The story unfolds after Adam Desiato runs over a young man and ends his life. In order not to face legal accusations, his father decides to protect him and erase the trace of the incident.

However, the deceased is the son of Jimmy Baxter, head of a group of gangsters, who unleashes a criminal pursuit to find the culprit of death.

Although Bryan Cranston’s character works for the United States government and must enforce the law, he puts professional ethics aside to protect his family.

Also, it is too late to tell the truth about the accident, so he falls prey to his own lie.

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The series has been compared to Breaking Bad because, like Walter White, Michael Desiato has questionable morals and is capable of pushing his actions to the limit without weighing the consequences.

In this case, the character’s motives are more honorable than in Breaking BadBut the results are no different, as Michael commits himself and his loved ones to decision-making.

The series has received mixed reviews from specialized media, but Bryan Cranston’s performance stands out among the positive points of the production.

The actor is the show’s biggest draw, as he became an expert in bringing to life characters with questionable moral radar.

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Although it took time for Walter White to be accepted by the audience, it will not be the same case with Michael Desiato, as Your Honor it will not have a continuation.

This is because it is a 10-episode miniseries and, as of now, there are no reports on a second season, but it is unlikely. In addition, part of the negative reviews are due to the fact that the closing of the story was not as shocking as the start.

The transmission of Your Honor It ended in February 2021 and is already available on different digital platforms, such as Paramount Plus.

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