What happened to Malcolm middle brother Jamie? This is what it looks like 20 years after the series

20 years ago Malcolm the one in the middle came to the american television just to conquer the heart of million viewers who identified with the characters and the plot, in order to become one of the most successful series of today at an international level.

The six-season, 151-episode show came to stay January 9, 2000 more than 23 million people watching the first episode. Today many more millions continue to enjoy it as if it were the first time on broadcast television, online and streaming services.

While each character was I mark many generations and one of the most remembered for his cuteness and mischief is ‘Jamie’, the younger brother of the familia Wilkerson, who was played not by one, but by two child actors, these being the twins Lukas and James Rodríguez.

It should be noted that the use of two small actors It is because that is what the North American laws dictate regarding child actors, little ones must share roles during filming, what it is common on television forums In order that the filming is not so exhausting for both children, a clear example is the Olsen twins.

In the same way, if both children had not been used in the filming of Malcom el de en medio, perhaps it would have been more complicated because being such small actors it is often very difficult for them to follow orders and directions. The first episode they made their appearance in was named “Buseys Run Away” in 2004.

Malcom in the Midle serie favorita estadounidense

It should be noted that these cute twins They joined the series near the end of it, but their role is fundamental, as they helped give it a unexpected twist to the series, and without a doubt, we all enjoyed seeing them doing mischief especially with their brother ‘Dewey’.

After rising to fame at such a young age the Rodríguez brothers, have made some cameos in series like ‘Without a Trace’ en el 2009 and participated in the first count of the cast alongside the other actors as Frankie Muniz, Bryan Cranston, Jane Kaczmarek and the rest of the actors and actresses that gave life to the familia Wilkerson.

Malcom in the Midle serie favorita estadounidense

They currently chose to lead a life away from the spotlight, by choice and by leading such a normal life he has little information about the siblings.