What happened on May 14?

On a day like today may 14 from 1931, Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of the Indian nationalist movement, agreed to speak with Britain in London to discuss greater independence from Britain in exchange for stopping the current boycott of foreign products in India.

Years later, the may 14 from 1955, The Soviet Union and its Eastern Bloc allies, including the USSR, Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania, sign a security pact in the Polish capital Warsaw after a three-day conference. The Warsaw Pact it will provide a close integration of military, economic and cultural policy among the eight communist nations. You want to know more? Find out what happened on may 14.

What happened on May 14?

In Spain

Fernando VII

1514: The Correo Mayor de las Indias begins to operate. The Spanish crown assigned it in perpetuity to Lorenzo Galíndez de Carvajal.
1777: in Madrid, King Carlos III, created by Royal Decree the Protomedicato of Caracas, thus beginning medical studies in Venezuela.
1799: a storm breaks the El Gasco dam, by engineer Carlos Lemaur.
1814: King Ferdinand VII returns to Spain after having suffered captivity in France.
1861: near Barcelona (Spain) the Canellas meteorite falls, 859 grams and chondrite type.
1962: in Athens (Greece) the kings of Spain, Don Juan Carlos I and Doña Sofía of Greece, get married.
1977: in Madrid, Don Juan III de Borbón, renounces his rights to the Spanish Crown in favor of his son Juan Carlos.
2006: Demonstrations for decent housing take place in Spain, which had been called anonymously by email.

In the world

14 mayo
Lewis and Clark

1610: in Paris (France), the Catholic fanatic François Ravaillac stabs and kills Henry IV, King of France. Louis XIII ascends the throne.
1804: The Lewis and Clark expedition departs from Camp Dubois (United States) and begins its journey up the Missouri River.
1889: In London (England) the NSPCC charity institute against child cruelty is inaugurated.
1897: in Italy, the physicist Guglielmo Marconi makes his first wireless telegraphic transmission.
1913: William Sulzer, governor of New York (United States), approves the statutes of the Rockefeller Foundation, which begins its operations with a donation of 100 million dollars from John D. Rockefeller.
1935: In the United States, Carl Magee invents the parking meter.
1955: Eight communist countries (including the Soviet Union) sign a mutual defense treaty: the Warsaw Pact.
1964: In the United States, President Lyndon Johnson prohibits all countries in the world from selling medicine or food to Cuba.
1973: at Cape Canaveral (United States) NASA launches Skylab, the first space station. It is the last launch of a Saturn rocket.
1986: in France, the Italian Formula 1 racer Elio de Angelis has a terrible accident in his Brabham at the Paul Ricard circuit during a test session. He will die the next day in the Marseille hospital.
1986: in Germany, the Institute for War Documents publishes the full Diary of Anne Frank.
1993In the United States, American scientists test an artificial pancreas in a 38-year-old diabetic patient for the first time.
2002: in Sierra Leone, Ahmad Tejan Kabbah is elected president (with 70.6% of the votes).
2003 in Hilla (Iraq) are the remains of the victims of the Hilla massacre, perpetrated by the Saddam Hussein regime.
2004: In the framework of the post-war in Iraq, Muqtada Al Sadr declares the jihad against the invading US troops.
2004: South Korea’s Constitutional Court overturns criminal charges against President Roh Moo-hyun.
2011: Paraguay celebrates the bicentennial of its independence.

Who was born on May 14?

In Spain

14 mayo
Jose Manuel Urtain

1895: José Royo Gómez, geologist.
1907: Vicente Enrique y Tarancón, cardinal and archbishop.
1943: Antonio Pérez de la Cruz Blanco, lawyer and jurist.
1943: José Manuel Urtain, boxer.
1950: Adolfo Domínguez, fashion designer.
1957: Marino Lejarreta, cyclist.
1965: Blanca Oteyza, actress.
1980: Pablo Álvarez Núñez, footballer.

In the world

14 mayo
Amber Tamblyn

1904: Hans Albert Einstein, American professor, son of Albert Einstein.
1925: Oona O’Neill, wife of Charlie Chaplin.
1927: Herbert W. Franke, German science fiction writer.
1952: David Byrne, British musician, from the band Talking Heads.
1959: Robert Greene, American writer.
1969: Danny Wood, American singer, of the band New Kids on the Block.
1971: Sofía Coppola, American actress and filmmaker.
1979: Dan Auerbach, American musician from The Black Keys.
1983: Amber Tamblyn, American actress.

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Who died on May 14?

In Spain

14 mayo
Jesus Gil

1938: Miguel Cabanellas, general.
1960: Lucrezia Bori, soprano.
1979: José Camón Aznar, historian and thinker.
1991: José María Rodero, film and theater actor.
1994: Ramón de Garciasol, poet.
2004: Jesús Gil, businessman and Spanish football manager.

In the world

14 mayo
B.B. King

1912: Frederick VIII, Danish King.
1954: Maria Kirstine Dorothea Thit Jensen, Danish writer.
1966: Ludwig Meidner, German painter.
1970: Billie Burke, American actress.
1980: Hugh Griffith, actor británico.
1987: Rita Hayworth, American actress, singer and dancer.
1988: Edda Albertini, Italian actriz.
1993: Édouard Pignon, pintor francés.
1997: Harry Blackstone Jr., American magician.
1998: Frank Sinatra, American singer and actor
2004: Anna Lee, British actress.
2006: Robert Bruce Merrifield, American biochemist, Nobel prize de Química in 1984.
2015: BB King, American musician, singer and songwriter.

What is celebrated on May 14?

14 mayo
Continental Insurance Day

Continental Insurance Day.
Biscuit Day is celebrated in the United States.