What happened at the 2009 Golden Globes for Megan Fox to decide not to drink again?

To Megan Fox the 2009 Golden Globes marked a before and after in his life. After what happened that night, the 35-year-old model and actress changed his relationship with alcohol.

He has told about it in an interview with the channel Who What Wear, in which he began by reviewing his looks from the 2000s and ended up being honest about how one of those looks changed her life. Specifically, the one he wore at that ceremony.

Megan Fox, who wore a gold Ralph Lauren dress Y hair pulled backShe did not feel too comfortable and that prompted her to drink. “I hate putting my hair back,” said the artist, who was 23 years old at the time and now does not understand why she came like this.

Megan Fox, at the 2009 Golden Globes // Gtresonline

“I can’t believe I allowed this to happen. I have a huge round forehead I hate to have my hair combed like this, “said Fox, who dealt with this situation with alcohol.

Inside the enclosure, sitting at the same table as Blake Lively and the Jonas Brothers, Megan gave a good account of the giant bottles of Moët on the table and drank a few too many glasses. What happened next was not pleasant at all.

Now I don’t drink because of that. I said a lot of stupid things that I shouldn’t have said on the red carpet, “confessed Fox.

Megan Fox’s statements at the 2009 Golden Globes

Fruit of alcohol were the statements that Megan Fox made that night before the cameras and that went around the world.

Surrounded by actresses such as Kate Winslet, Jennifer López, Cameron Díaz or Angelina Jolie, said feeling insecure and she also remembered her then fiancé, el actor Brian Austin Green, but not on good terms.

  • “I feel so sadly insecure. I’m about to throw up right now. I’m so horrified to be here, and ashamed. It scares me.”
  • “Brian doesn’t want to be here, he doesn’t want to be my date. He’s a man, he has an ego. I think he’s probably working on music, I don’t think he cares.”

Another of the most controversial phrases was the one with which he was compared with the actor Alan Alda and, when they complimented him, he responded with an inaccurate comment:

  • “But what do you say? I’m a transvestite, man!”