What became of Aaron Paul?

This young actor with a rogue look was born in the small town of Emmett in the state of Idaho into a Baptist family in which his father was pastor of that church. Paul is the youngest of four brothers and He came into the world in the family bathroom, without any medical experts involved.

All American actors trying to succeed in show business have a plan (more or less formal) with which to achieve their goals, and Aaron Paul was no less. Took the family Toyota Corolla and he left with his mother and $ 6,000 in savings to make it big in the city of stars. At first he came to participate in the famous program ‘The right price’ to earn some money, but lost in one of the final tests.

Shortly after he managed to sign with a representation agency and thus began a career that would reach the top, with 3 Emmys awards thanks to his performance in the series ‘Breaking Bad’ and an endless number of episodic and recurring characters in different television series that helped him achieve the final goal. Aaron Paul has become one of those actors with whom we all smile inwardly when we see him thanks to the love that his Jesse Pinkman earned.

La vida Post-‘Breaking Bad’

What became of Aaron Paul?

1 The beginnings
The beginnings

Like all young men with the ambition to succeed in acting in America, Aaron Paul moved to Los Angeles where he quickly found an agent. In order to reach the best projects, you first had to audition for everything that had been offered. Thus it came to appear in various music videos of groups like Korn and advertisements for brands such as Juicy Fruit, Corn Pops and Coca-Cola Vanilla.

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2 To for the series
To for the series

The next step was the normal one in the career of every actor who is on the rise, the episodic ones in all the television series that he could. Thanks to his talent, he obtained small roles in such mythical series as ‘Melrose Place’ or ‘Feeling of living’. Paul’s career was going from strength to strength, fulfilling all the goals that a young man can set himself in the mecca of cinema.

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4 First success
First success

It was in 2007 when the great moment arrived, where Aaron Paul had to give his chest and achieve what he had been working for for years. It was with a recurring role on the HBO series ‘Big Love’ that he gained recognition and became known in and out of the country. Aaron Paul continued to play his character on the show throughout all seasons. with small appearances between season and season.

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5 The horror
The horror

It was just when he began to stand out among series fans thanks to the series starring Walter White when he could be seen in a film that lovers of the horror genre remember. In ‘The Last House on the Left’ the experience of some young people who spent a few days in a house where murders took place was narrated. Paul had a role in which he stood out little, but the best was yet to come.

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6 Gran Hit
Gran Hit

After his stint on the HBO series, Aaron Paul was cast as one of the characters in the new AMC series ‘Breaking Bad’. His character was created to die during the first season, but the chemistry that Bryan Cranston and Paul had during pre-production was such that the creator of the series decided to change his plans and bring much more life to the character of Jeese Pinkman.

The rest, a three-time Emmy Award winner as a supporting actor and the creation of one of the most important characters in television history.

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7 Stability

In the years when ‘Breaking Bad’ began to take off higher and higher, Paul’s life stabilized in every way. He had great recognition, money, fame and found love with Lauren Parsekian, whom he met at the Coachella music festival. They later got engaged in Paris in 2012 and married in 2013 in Malibu, California. To this day they are still together and on instagram you can see that they are one of the cutest couples in Hollywood.

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8 Jump failed
Jump failed

After the end of the series that gave him everything, Aaron Paul’s career was at that point where he had to take care of every detail of his career, because a wrong step could get him in the drawer of those stars who triumphed on television but were forgotten in the cinema.

Paul acted in the failed ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ and ‘Need For Speed’ and had a main character in the interesting movie ‘Better another day’. But Paul’s best work during those years was again on television, voicing an animated character in the outstanding Netflix series “BoJack Horseman.”

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9 Change of address
Change of address

After 3 years had passed from the end of ‘Breaking Bad’, Paul recoiled from world fame after not having perfectly set the first projects of this one and began to make films that had less advertising campaign but had more quality. The remarkable ‘Spies from the Sky’ and the film ‘Triple 9’ were well received by critics. At the same time he returned to live action television with the series ‘The Path’.

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10 Project plague
Project plague

Although the cinema has perhaps not given him the reception that an actor of his talent would deserve, Aaron Paul has been able to find his place by alternating interesting projects on the big screen with big series on television. Soon we will have new chapters of ‘The Path’ and ‘BoJack Horseman’. He will also soon premiere ‘The Burning Woman’ with Sienna Miller and Christina Hendricks and ‘Welcome Home’ with top-model Emily Ratajkowski.

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In recent years Aaron Paul has had to face the difficult step of moving from television life to the big screen. Although all fans of the series starring Walter White wish that Paul was working with the best directors and developing the best scripts, the actor has achieved over time to intersperse successful television projects of good quality with more independent films with good popular acceptance.