What are the most viewed series on each streaming platform?

The era of the video store is long gone, it’s true. Going for a VHS seems to be a blurry memory, and checking out a DVD was also behind us on the calendar. But everything happens so fast that, today, even having a single streaming service seems outdated.

In recent years, on demand grew at such a rapid rate that the offer began to branch out and having Netflix is ​​no longer enough: today your favorite series may be exclusive to Amazon, HBO Max, Paramount +, Disney + or of how much streaming service appears. And while one exhibits it as “his” series, the other negotiates the rights to have it available as soon as the expiration date is reached. Streaming, we know, is at war.

In this context, and in the face of such a varied offer, it never hurts to know those “must-sees” from each of the platforms; so that in case of hiring a service we can get the best out of it.

For this reason, it is worth reviewing the list of the most viewed of each of the platforms, so that we know what they have to offer us before blindly launching ourselves to pay the subscription.

Netflix is ​​the unequivocal reference if we are talking about streaming. Not necessarily for quality, but for popularity: it is the most hired.

In the big red N, “Sex / Life” became the most consumed series. It is a romantic comedy with a focus on the female gender, the story of a mother with two children who seeks to “reconnect” with whoever she was a decade ago.

Two very different proposals are added to this production. On the one hand, the youthful “Elite”, which narrates the adventures of a group of young people from Las Encinas high school, always surrounded by a central crime in the plot; and on the other, “The street of terror part 1: 1994”, the beginning of a horror trilogy based on the novels by RL Stine.

HBO Max is a recent platform, but that comes with a powerful catalog to attract the attention of the public. In this case, the top 3 is made up of high-level series, led by the multi-award winning “Succession”, the story of a family of the aristocracy in which everyone seeks a role of power.

It is joined by “Chernobyl”, the miniseries that raises the consequences of the historic nuclear plant explosion; y “The Mare of Easttown”, the shocking story starring Kate Winslet whose main premise is a police drama, but which shows us a protagonist full of problems in almost all areas of her life.

Amazon Prime Video is another service that has a solid catalog and a large number of subscribers. And his top 3 is not negligible at all.

In the first place is “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, the series set in the 50’s. that shows us a protagonist eager to succeed in an area almost forbidden for women at that time, such as stand-up. One of the most repeated recommendations that we have made since “Stay At Home”, it is really unmissable.

Added to this series are “Jack Ryan”, a thriller with a particular CIA analyst as the protagonist; and the brilliant “Hunters”, with the leading role of Al Pacino and a plot that introduces us to a group of Nazi hunters.

Paramount + is another platform that arrived recently, but based on a good offer, the public is gathering.

The most watched series is “Your Honor” thanks to the spectacular work of Bryan Cranston, who plays a judge with family problems.

The “Yellowstone” series also have the endorsement of users, which tells the story of one of the oldest ranches in North America; and “Schitt’s Creek,” the great winner of the 2020 Emmy Awards, with an attractive plot: a millionaire family that happens to live in a small motel in a small town.

Last but not least, Disney + has more content geared towards children and young people. There, the top 3 is dominated by science fiction.

“The Mandalorian” is the most watched, with the guarantee of the Star Wars franchise and a development that will keep us on the edge of the armchair; and the podium is completed with two Marvel series: “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” and the peculiar “WandaVision”, which reinserted us into the world of the MCU after “Avengers: Endgame.”

The table is set. Each platform has its highlights. Now it is up to us to see what we like the most …

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