Westworld Kicks Off Season 4: All About Its Premiere, Plot, And Much More | Spoiler

Westworld began to air in HBO in 2018. It was presented as a bet especially aimed at science fiction lovers, perhaps those who had even seen the original version, a film released in 1973. The adaptation of Jonathan Nolan Y Lisa Joy it went a little further and captured an important fan of spectators. This led to the series receiving rave reviews and a great reception from the public.

Now, in its three seasons, the story has been changing, of course. If in the first we discovered this incredible amusement park that they were visiting for the first time William Y Logan. The second had a little more to do with the fight of the hosts led by Dolores and the third changes transversely. It is no longer located in the park set in the Wild West but, here, we are within the society of the near future. From the series with western airs, he clearly went into dystopia.

On the other hand, the last installment had the incorporation of new characters played by Aaron Paul Y Vincent Cassel. It premiered at the beginning of last year and as soon as it ended, the network confirmed its season 4. Although, until now, there had not been much more news of the series due to the pandemic, Jeffrey Wright, who gives life Bernard, revealed a photo that shows that it is already underway.

Westworld 4 is already underway

Aaron Paul joined the cast of Westworld in season 3 (Photo: IMDb)

The American actor is one of the protagonists of the HBO series and revealed an image on his Instagram that confirms that the team began producing the series. The snapshot bore the name of his character Bernard and he wrote in the caption: “Good morning, old friend”, a phrase that Doctor Ford used to tell him, Anthony Hopkins in the first and second season.

By the photo of Wright, it is understood that, at least, the readings of the script have begun, since he took a photograph of the chair with the name of his character. However, there is not much more information regarding what the story will be like in these new episodes.

One thing is for sure, the series will continue to be set in the future and probably Caleb (Aaron Paul), Maeve (Thandie Newton) and Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) are the protagonists. Ed Harris will also return with his devious villain and the actress will be incorporated Aurora Perrineau. Remember that Evan Rachel Wood I would not play again Dolores, perhaps one of the most striking characters in the entire series, due to his tragic ending in season 3.

Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores in Westworld (Photo: IMDb)

However, the actress expressed her desire to return to the series as well. “I want to go back. As actors we have a general idea at the beginning of each season of what is going to happen. They tell us where our characters are, what their mission is, but nothing else. Then we learn as we go. It is one of the reasons why the ones that I think working on it is a challenge, but also what makes it exciting “said Wood in an interview with Variety.

The release date of Westworld 4 it is also uncertain. But if the same scheme is followed since the series began to air and in which deliveries are released every two years, everything would indicate that it could be seen in 2022.


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