We were in New York with Clarks Ambassador Freida Pinto

  • Freida Pinto: “not taking risks is not sexy at all”
  • The actress is an ambassador for the ONG ‘Girl Rising‘, an organization dedicated to fighting for girls’ school education.

    There is a hashtag on Instagram (one of the thousands that there are), which is rarely used and that when you put it in one of your photos, they don’t usually believe you, but at least in my case, when I put it it is because of the truth I believe it. The hashtag in question is #lovemyjob. A whole declaration of intent to affirm that yes, there are times when getting up early, going out late or having tensions at work, it pays off.

    The last time I could feel that “love” towards my work was when the opportunity arose to travel to New York to interview the actress Freida Pinto, as a new image for Clarks and as an ambassador for the NGO ‘Girl Rising’, an organization dedicated to fighting for the school education of girls.


    Freida Pinto Clarks


    The appointment took place on the morning of October 8 in Manhattan, specifically in The Wing, a meeting point for feminism founded by Audrey Gelman, who since 2016 organizes cultural meetings and activities for women. The actress and activist is already there. Up close, Freida Pinto is as beautiful, smiling and elegant as she transmits through her films or her Instagram account. She wears an outfit in red that itself conveys good energy and positivity.

    Freida Pinto image Clarks


    After an interesting talk between women about the necessary work of ‘Girl Rising’ I have the possibility to interview her.

    What can you tell us about your work as an ambassador for ‘Girl Rising’ to bring its goals closer to people who do not know this NGO?

    When I first saw the movie Girl Rising at Sundance, I was immediately passionate about the cause and committed to getting involved in any way I could. I worked closely with Girl Rising to launch the initiative in India because I wanted to make a difference for girls and their educational opportunities, particularly in a place that I feel so connected to. For me, Clarks has been a great partner in helping to spread the Girl Rising mission, not only through a donation to the charity, but also by their willingness to host this event to raise awareness of the organization and everything. What do they do. It is important that brands reflect the causes they believe in and show these beliefs in everything they doFrom who they send in their campaigns to how they treat their employees and the charities they partner with. As my platform continues to grow, I want to use it to ensure that girls everywhere have every possible opportunity to achieve their goals. My mother was an educator so I was never lacking in access to education, however growing up in Mumbai I learned through personal experiences that was not the case for everyone. If we can empower girls to continue their education, through college, we can empower them to conquer the world and see the endless possibilities available to them. My celebrity status and my movies over the last 15 years have given me a sense of responsibility to help girls everywhere, get involved and speak on their behalf. There is always the opportunity to help, using whatever resources you have available to give. You can help by sending to a school, donating to a cause, or even spending time with those you are trying to help.

    If we can empower girls to continue their education we can empower them to conquer

    The new Clarks campaign encourages us to be and trust ourselves. Did you ever feel like you weren’t yourself?

    Of course, we all have those moments and if we are conscious and sensitive humans, it is those moments that make us wake up and do a little of our own work and introspection because it makes you uncomfortable not to be yourself. My 20s were filled with moments like that as I was still discovering myself and so eager to always make a good impression. I wanted to fit in to be accepted. By doing all that, I ran the risk of losing the things that made me unique. The acting world constantly places both male and female actors in boxes and labels them and that perception is hard to break. As much as I resisted being pigeonholed, I was. Nevertheless, the process of getting out of that box and choosing my own pace and having a complete decision about my choices has been the biggest sensation in my 30 years. All the 20s lessons were worth it.

    Freida Pinto Clarks


    The campaign also talks about comfort in our day to day life. Can comfort be sexy?

    I’ve never been the girl who thinks something uncomfortable is worth wearing, I want to be comfortable with everything I do and wear. Comfort is sexy, but taking no chances is not. Complacency discourages me

    What advice would you give a young woman for her future?

    My message is always be curious and be open to honing and using your talents to find ways to positively impact humanity on a global scale. If each of us did a little for a cause we believe in, it will affect our lives.

    Comfort is sexy, but taking no chances is not

    Speaking of shoes and comfort, where are Freida Pinto’s steps heading in 2020?

    I don’t know how to answer that question because it’s exciting and I don’t want to overwhelm myself. But let’s say 2020 is all about comfortable running shoes and mandatory stops on the calendar for self-care rituals. šŸ™‚

    Through your Instagram we see a bit of how your life is, what is your relationship with social networks?

    I am in that phase of my life where social networks do not interest me at all. Ask me in a few years. Maybe it will change, maybe not.

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