we explain one of the most mysterious chapters

Within all the episodes of The Simpsons we have found many very funny mysteries that usually resolve immediately as soon as the episode ends. But there is an episode that makes many wonder what really happened.

One of everyone’s favorite episodes is when Bart gets into Boy Scouts after having had a crazy night of drinking too much sugar. This is episode 8 of season 5.

The fate of the explorers

It is here that we can see that a strange figure stalks the explorers from whom Homer, Bart, Flanders and Todd had mistakenly separated. That figure wears a cap and hides in the shadows, so we can know that this man who ends up attacking the explorers who took refuge in an abandoned camp.

There are those who say that this man is Jason Voorhees since the abandoned cabins are clearly a reference to the Friday the 13th movie, but it is not possible, since Jason has never worn a cap and it can be clearly seen that the person following them does not have a mask on.

The most widely accepted theory is that this man is actually the father of one of the Boy Scouts named Waldo, Well, it is mentioned that this boy’s father is in prison and that is why Ned decides to get him a famous father, and that famous father ends up being Ernest Borgnine. Although the reason why he is in jail is not specified.

The Simpsons Mystery

The theory tells us that Waldo’s father is the one following them because he wanted to spend time with his son, but seeing that they got him a spare dad for the parent-child trip, He gets jealous and ends up attacking the actor Ernest Borgnine from behind, who had taken that moment from him with his son.

Although it all makes sense, there is nothing official from the writers or producers. So that the mystery of what happened to the children and to Ernest will always remain.

As a curiosity, None of the children ever appear again in the entire series. Could it be that he killed them all?