‘WandaVision’: Why didn’t Aaron Taylor-Johnson return as Quicksilver on the Disney + series? – Series news

Now that ‘WandaVision’ has brought Quicksilver back to be one of the protagonists of the Disney + series, the big question is why Aaron Taylor-Johnson is not behind the character as he used to be in the MCU.

Episode 5 of WandaVision, the Disney + series (If you have not subscribed, find your free trial in this link) that started Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has given several revelations and one of them has to do with the return of an important character for Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen), so we must talk about it, although before that, we warn you that from here there will be many spoilers about what happens in the chapter.

The multiverse has opened in the MCU, since in the final stretch of the fifth episode of WandaVision Evan Peters appears, the same actor who played Wanda’s twin, Pietro Maximoff, in several X-Men films that Fox produced. As such, so far it is not considered canon of the MCU the events that occurred in the mutant tapes, even though Disney already has the rights, so it is very curious to see him participate in the series, but this also leads us to ask: Why did Aaron Taylor-Johnson not return to the shares of the MCU?

Marvel Studios

Evan Peters reprized his role as Quicksilver from the ‘X-Men’ movies, but now in the MCU.

Taylor-Johnson was the actor responsible for bringing Pietro, aka Quicksilver, to life in Avengers: Age of Ultron.However, he died at the end of the film and has not reappeared since. An explanation as to why we no longer saw it in the MCU and in his place now is Evan Peters is that Aaron’s schedule was probably full and it was impossible to make his appearance in WandaVision, since it is very likely that Quicksilver will appear in the remaining episodes, so it was necessary to dedicate time to the filming. Recall that Taylor-Johnson was in Tenet, King’s Man: The Origin and Bullet Train in the last year, so maybe some of these projects kept you from going back to MCU.

‘WandaVision’: The explanation about what happened in episode 5 of the Disney + series

Marvel Studios

Aaron Taylor-Johnson was Quicksilver in the MCU during ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’.

Another reason why Aaron Taylor-Johnson did not return is that he was never part of the plan of Kevin Feige (President of Marvel Studios) and company. Remember that now they have the rights of the X-Men so it is unknown how they will introduce them to their universe, but just what they are doing in the Disney + series is perhaps the first step to do it and even without having to rebooting the characters, but opening up the multiverse that would return canon movies like X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: Dark Phoenix and more. Is the mutant gene that is at the core of House of M in the comics coming?

Wanda was surprised to see Evan Peters’ Pietro in ‘WandaVision’.

Let’s not forget that Wanda doesn’t exactly have the ability to revive people, as she explained to her children with the death of the puppy Sparky, so with this in mind, bringing back Aaron Taylor-Johnson would be a hole in the script. Maybe there is a villain who is connecting the X-Men universe with him. MCU And that would be revealed later, which could certainly make sense of the decision to have Peters as Pietro and not the original actor behind the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whatever the reason, this has left a sea of ​​questions and expectation about what will happen in WandaVision.