Vicente Moreno, the specialist

I am clear about what I am coming to. We will be the rival to beat. So it will be a difficult season ”. These are the words of Vicente Moreno. But not from August 5, his presentation at the RCDE Stadium. No. Those were his statements on his coming out of Palma as the new Mallorca coach in June 2017. And he did, well he did. In two seasons, he went from playing in Second B to doing it in First after two consecutive promotions. For this reason, Espanyol paid attention to him. For an amazing facility to climb categories, for leaving teams in a higher category. He put blind trust in the good work of the Valencian coach, he clung to him to make the passage through Second as short as possible.

And the climbing specialist did it again. He met the goal perfectly. With ease. With overwhelming superiority. Adding 15 games in a row without losing. He had four days left over.

Winning combination

Formed in the quarry of Valencia, he has known how to mix De Tomás, Darder and Embarba with the young

When you go and turn to Moreno (Massanassa, Horta Sud, 1974) you already know what you are looking for, to get you out of the quagmire, to fix the mess, to find a remedy when everything seems lost, to rescue you from a colossal predicament, like when Harvey Keitel is telephoned on Pulp Fiction .

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Not surprisingly, at 46, it is the sixth promotion of his career, two as a footballer and four from the bench. As a player he went up with Xerez to Second in 2001 and First in 2009. As a coach he made his debut in Chapín, promoted Nàstic to Second (2015) and the following year he led the Grana team to play the playoff for First. He stayed very close. Yes he achieved double promotion with Mallorca. And now he returns Espanyol to the Santander League at the first attempt. Almost without ruffling.

The price of success

Espanyol only wanted him and did not hesitate to pay part of his release clause. time has given it a reason

The coach always responds. No matter the difficulty or the challenge. So much so that it is not difficult to imagine him dressed in a tuxedo in the morning ringing a bell. “I am Mr. Wolf. I solve problems ”.

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His Espanyol has been left over. He is the one who has scored the most goals and the one who has received the least. With balance behind and with imbalance in attack. The pressure of having the highest budget not only in the category but in the entire history of Segunda has not weighed on him, with more than 70 million. Perhaps because he is a calm man, almost unalterable in his speech, but very hard-working and tenacious, the result of his past as a defensive midfielder who retains his bearing (1.88 meters). Mimbres in Cornellà had players like De Tomás, Embarba, Cabrera or Darder, who cost a lot of money. But in football, several millionaire squads have already been seen crashing. However, he knew how to form a real team.

He was sixth and fourth with the Murcian

Now he aspires to imitate Camacho and place the team in European positions on his return to First Division

Formed in the quarries of Levante and Valencia, where he coincided with Javi Navarro, Palop, Albelda, Angulo or Curro Torres, he has known how to take advantage of the talent of the young blue and white values. Puado, Pedrosa, Melamed, Melendo and Pol Lozano have played more than 20 games.

“I’m thirty minutes from there. I’ll be there in ten ”, he came to tell Espanyol when he went to look for him in Palma. The parakeet club did not hesitate to pay part of its rescission clause, of one million. I wanted him. And ten months later, time and Moreno himself have confirmed that the bet was the correct one. Now he aspires to imitate Camacho and place the team in European positions on his return to First Division.