Upcoming Franky Monet Action Movie Release

Very soon we will be able to see a Canadian wrestler and WWE superstar, Franky Monet (a.k.a Taya Valkyrie) on the screen, thanks to the premiere of the action film «Unchained«.

The film would be released in late 2020, but due to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, it was delayed for almost half a year. The new release date is set for July 2 via Prime Video.

In the plot, an idealistic woman (played by Mair Mulroney) is kidnapped and taken to a remote compound in the middle of the jungle. In that place, she is forced to compete in a ring of clandestine fights against other women who are prisoners. The fights are for the amusement of wealthy businessmen.

Night after night she will fight for her life, but in the middle of that hell, the protagonist tries to convince the women to join her in planning an escape, overthrowing her captors and saving the lives of many others condemned to the same endless cycle.

Franky Monet She appears in the credits under her former professional wrestling name, Taya Valkyrie. Her role is as a strict but fair trainer of the female prisoners, as well as being one of the henchmen of the main villain. This is a series B (low budget) action movie, Franky Monet plays a very convincing and tough-minded character and looks nothing like the pretentious and condescending fashionista that he characterizes in WWE NXT.


The retired professional wrestler Rock Riddle He also appears in the film as the presenter. He was a wrestler and manager in the 1970s to 1980s. He returned to wrestling in the last decade and has had roles in major films such as “Paradise Alley” (as one of many professional wrestlers in the film written and directed by Sylvester Stallone). , “Mad Bull” and “Blue Collar” (with Richard Pryor and Harvey Keitel).

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