Unconditional support between friends or new relationship?

Speculation about the love life of the former star of ‘Friends’ is a constant in the pink press. Even if his approach to his ex Brad Pitt made many dream that they had resumed their relationship, it was soon shown that they just remain good friends. And at the beginning of this year, the magazine ‘Life & Style’ came to assure that Jennifer Aniston she was dating no less than three men at the same time: the actors Jason Sudeikis Y Gerard Butler, and her old boyfriend, the singer John Mayer.

Now it is another publication, ‘InTouch’, the one that opts for Sudeikis, which recently broke with Olivia Wilde, as the actual occupant of the interpreter’s heart. The magazine supports this information based on a source close to Aniston who assures that “She is very happy with Jason. He is sensitive, he makes her laugh and feel safe. She trusts him a lot”.

Jennifer Aniston, in a file image. (Getty)

Jennifer, 52, and Jason, 45, have been good friends for years and have worked together on more than one occasion, as in the blockbusters ‘We are the Millers’ and ‘How to kill your boss’.

Other media also echo the news pointing to their mutual friends since there has always been a special connection between themboth on and off screen.

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According to the anonymous source, “one of the things Jen likes most about her new partner is that He was never a fan of hers or of ‘Friends’, which he finds very refreshing. ”

Aniston has no official partner since she separated from her ex-husband Justin Theroux in 2017, while Sudeikis is currently single following his breakup with Olivia Wilde in November 2020, after a romance that lasted nine years. They both have two children in common.

Sudeikis and Wilde, in a 2012 photo (Getty)

The 36-year-old actress and director is now in a relationship with the former One Direction Harry Styles, 27, whom she met while filming the movie ‘Don’t worry darling.’ Proof that his is serious is that the couple has already taken the step of moving in together. Wilde was photographed moving on Valentine’s Day when she moved several suitcases from her previous marital home to the singer’s home.

Precisely, Styles would have been the reason why Wilde parted ways with Sudeikis. According to the ‘Daily Mail’, the now ex-partner used to often argue over the “increasingly close” bond between the actress and the protagonist of her new film. “Jason is absolutely devastated that Olivia began to see Harry behind his back. Seeing them together publicly has been really difficult for him,” could be read in the English newspaper.