Two years without news of Rick Grimes: Past, present and future of the films of ‘The Walking Dead’ – News of series

Timeline of a long-awaited and unspecific project: the trilogy of feature films starring Andrew Lincoln has not even started shooting, while the premiere of the series’ final season is just around the corner.

With the final season premiere of The Walking Dead just around the corner, the new promo for the latest installment of zombie fiction has been a real display of nostalgia from the hand of Rick Grimes, who will not be back in the final stretch, but who undoubtedly has the most significant weight in the entire trajectory of the series. The former ‘sheriff’ played by Andrew Lincoln and the undisputed protagonist of fiction – as in the comic series on which it is based – was from the first moment the main foundation of the group’s survival and your goal to build a new world is still very present in the minds of the survivors even since their absence.

When Andrew Lincoln confirmed that he would only remain Rick in some episodes of the ninth season of The Walking Dead It seemed that the series would stop making sense, but, finally, it has moved on for two more installments. Nevertheless, his departure took place at the same time that a project was announced that filled the followers of history with hope and illusions: the confirmation of a trilogy of films focused on the character and what they would tell and what happened to him after he was picked up, seriously injured, by the mysterious MCA helicopter.

This is the end of Rick in ‘The Walking Dead’, announced the head of content of the franchise after the chapter. “But it is not the end of the Rick Grimes story. We will continue to tell his story in a series of movies.

The last episode of Rick Grimes, ‘What Comes After’ (9×05), aired in November 2018, while, in July 2019, just a few months later, we already saw a first promotional ‘teaser’ within the framework of the San Diego Comic-Con held that summer. In the preview, which we can see at the beginning of this news, we saw the famous helicopter of the Civic Republic flying over Philadelphia and it produced the confirmation that we were all waiting for: the film would reach theaters thanks to Universal Pictures and it would not be a TV Movie as had also been rumored.

And that was it. Two years after that moment and a few more years since we last saw Rick Grimes, the movie of The Walking Dead it is perceived as a project in the pipeline while those involved continue to maintain that it is at the top of their agenda.

Year 2019. First ‘teaser’ and first plans for the film

The news that the Rick Grimes story would continue in cinematic format generated a lot of interest both among viewers and among the specialized and non-specialized press, so, in the first months of knowing the good news, a lot of details were advanced. At that time there was nothing confirmed, but Scott Gimple, head of content for the franchise, confirmed Entertainment Weekly that The idea was to start the production of the first film in 2019 and that, in any case, the machinery would start up “sooner rather than later”.

Already at the time it was clear, too, that the process of adjusting schedules for film production was more complex than on the small screen, but he was confident that it would not take long to have more concrete data.

Also at that time it was commented that Robert Kirkman, author of the comics, would be quite involved with the project and began to speculate with the characters that we could see in the movies. The first confirmed that of Jadis, with actress Pollyanna MacIntosh herself advancing the First details about the plot: “Let’s see where Rick is, so she Anne / Jadis will be there. Things are in the works right now, it’s exciting. Now I understand better the community that the helicopter came from and with which I am going to go. “

Year 2020. Everything is paralyzed as a result of Covid-19

The movies of The Walking Dead they were not oblivious to the Covid-19 pandemic that paralyzed the film industry for months. Thus, with numerous projects parked and filming postponed indefinitely, it did not seem the time to ask about the zombie fiction trilogy as a priority project.

However, when the six additional episodes of season 10 were confirmed, that the eleventh installment would be the last and that not one but two new ‘spin-offs’ of the franchise had been launched, the doubts about whether the films would end up being a reality began to go through the heads of many.

It would be within the framework of the Skybound Xpo held in July 2020 in which it would be confirmed that The project was “on hold”, but Robert Kirkman also assured that it was still on and that all the waiting time would serve “to make even better films.”

We’re buying a lot of time cooking this up and making sure it’s perfect. But when things settle down, you’re going to hear a ton about this movie [Robert Kirkman]

2021. First statements by Andrew Lincoln: Filming in 2021?

At the end of 2020, Scott Gimple confirmed again that the films were still underway and that the idea was still to be released in theaters despite the complex situation, but it would be in January 2021 when the statements that we were all waiting for would be produced: Confirmation from Andrew Lincoln himself that he would step into Rick Grimes’ shoes again in the year that had just begun.

He did it in an interview with ABC News on the occasion of the play he starred in London A Christmas Carol, in which he shared his hope that the first film could begin shooting in spring 2021, as soon as the vaccine was working successfully: “There is a sense of positivity and the chivalry comes with the vaccines. And there is also a feeling of renewal “.

If everything works out and I can leave my country, “Lincoln also told Extra.” I plan to be back in the United States to shoot in spring-summer.

Since then, we still have no confirmed plans, but perhaps the Comic-Con that is held again virtually these days is the perfect setting to find out more details.

For now, the first batch of eight episodes of the season 11 of The Walking Dead It opens on August 22nd and the truth is that fans deserve an appearance, even if only occasionally, of the legendary ‘sheriff’. We count the days!