“Twelve from the gallows”, the wild film that scandalized the industry 50 years ago

Robert Aldrich He was never a very compromised director. The person in charge ofWhat became of baby jane? It is, without a doubt, one of the greatest in the history of cinema. A legend forged on a maxim: not a step back. Not only that, but we are facing a creative one of those who seem to have been born too early. Something that was especially evident back in 1967 with that authentic and wild wonder entitled Twelve of the Gallows.

Commander Reisman is an American officer who has distinguished himself for his bravery in the Italian campaign during World War II. Despite this, his greatest virtue is not discipline; hence the relations with their superiors are rather tense. However, due to his brilliant military record, they do not hesitate to entrust him with a suicide mission: assault a Nazi fortress and kill its occupants, all of them high-ranking regiments. For this he will have to undergo a very hard training.ento twelve convicts.

Does it sound familiar to you? The great Quentin Taranino relied entirely on Twelve of the Gallows to build your Damn bastards. Aldrich had dared to amaze everyone in a time when Nazi tapes were portraits of heroes and villains. Here, without losing sight of the obvious, the lines were blurred in a way that in Hollywood was difficult to assimilate. As if that weren’t enough, the distracted morals of the so-called “good guys” scandalized locals and strangers.

His thing was not to do what he thought was going to make more money, give him more prizes or satisfy more big shots. What of Robert Aldrich It was cinema at its finest and this gem proves it. Lee Marvin, charles Bronson, Ernest Borgnine, John Cassavetes, Donald Sutherland… A group of anti-heroes to whom it is convenient to reserve a place of honor in the history of cinema.