Trendy hair color for this 2021: The craziest trends

Trendy hair color for this 2021: The craziest trends

Each season features defined shades to innovate hair. This Spring-Summer 2021 season is the opportunity to renew your look, especially when a haircut feels insufficient and we need to take it a little further.

Discover the new hair shades for Spring-Summer 2021.

Subtle ombré

It is a coloring technique that makes a gradual transition from one tone to another, usually of tints and shades that go from light to dark. An example of this is the hair she wore Margot Robbie in the Oscars 2021.

Margot Robbie with subtle ombré.

Copper red

Red is one of the most seductive colors to dye your hair. Among the wide variety of colors that exist: cherry red, pure copper, reddish copper and magenta, bet on copper, like the one that the character wore Beth Harmon in the series ‘Lady’s Gambit’, interpreted by Anya Taylor-Joy.

Platinum blonde

One strong trend we saw in the newer red carpets is that platinum blondes are taking over the scene, leaving other colors like golden yellows in second place. An example of this is Vanessa Kirby, also at the Oscars 2021.

Hazel shades

Although chestnut trees will have an important role for 2021, the darker chocolate tones give way to light ones for a moment. Hands down, they’re one of the best universally flattering, low-maintenance, natural-looking hair dyes. Hazelnut tones that are mixed with blonde highlights bring a lot of light to the face. Kate Middleton He wore it this way.

Deep black

Deep jet blacks are one of the most prevalent low maintenance alternatives for this year, leaving behind other resources that were in high demand in the past, such as blue blacks. Through this color you will create dimension and add a lot of shine to the hair, with the aim of making it look voluminous and full of life. Kim Kardashian is one of the proudest carriers of this dye.

Source: Vogue