Trailer with Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain in a frame from ‘Secrets of a marriage’.

Next September HBO will premiere the miniseries, a remake of the work of the same title that Ingmar Bergman premiered in 1973 with Liv Ullmann and Erland Josephson.

HBO has released the first teaser and the first image of Secrets of a marriage, his new drama series, one of the most anticipated of 2021, with two big names as the main protagonists: Oscar Isaac (Show Me a Hero from HBO) and Jessica Chastain (Oscar winner for The darkest night).

As the news headline reveals, Secrets of a marriage is a remake of the 1973 Swedish series created by Ingmar Bergman. The Swedish director, one of the best directors in the history of cinema with mythical titles such as The seventh seal O Wild strawberriesHe also devoted himself to auteur television. Some of his films were TV movies on Swedish public television that were released in cinemas in the rest of the world. And so did his series. Fanny and Alexander Y Secrets of a marriage, for example, they had both versions reissued as films for their exhibition in theaters.

Now, for Bergman’s work it is time for the North American remake in the form of an HBO miniseries. Created this time by Hagai Levi, Israeli creator behind the original In therapy as well as Our Boys Y The Affair. The new one Secrets of a marriage It stands out above all for the new protagonist couple. Some Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain who already played a peculiar marriage in the film The most violent year.

  • First teaser for ‘Secrets of a marriage’:

While the Secrets of a marriage Bergman’s original is currently available on Filmin, the new version will be on HBO Spain – later on the platform that will replace it, HBO Max – from September. It will be then when we can judge whether the five episodes of the new version with Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain live up to the Swedish classic. Secrets of a marriage presents us with an original look at love, hatred, desire, monogamy, marriage and divorce through the eyes of a contemporary American couple. The series has been produced by Average Res Y Endeavor for HBO. The executive producers are Hagai Levi, Amy Herzog, Mecgenerous Ellenberg, Lars Blomgren, Jessica Chastain, Oscar Isaac, Daniel Bergman Y Blair Breard.

Written by Serielizados (@serielizados) in July 2021.