tough childhood, mezcal, hemorrhoid cream and ‘Breaking Bad’

We knew him as self-sacrificing and burdened family Guy numerous in the sitcom ‘Malcolm in the middle’ and he conquered us with his fantastic and award-winning performance in one of the best series in history, ‘Breaking Bad’. But the future of the young Bryan Cranston he seemed a long way from acting when he took his first professional steps.

Born in Canoga Park, California, on March 7, 1956, this son of a frustrated aspiring actor had to face the divorce of his parents and that his family lost their house, repossessed by the bank, so he had to live next to his older brother, Kyle, together with his grandparents for a year. Both children would not see their father again for a decade.

In an interview with the ‘Sunday Times’, being already a famous actor, Cranston acknowledged that the abandonment of his parents had affected him a lot. “My father chose not to be with us or to see us or to be a father. My mother chose to become an alcoholic and drown your grief, sadness and resentment. She was like a ghost of herself. And no one ever explained why he left. ”

Good student but bad athlete, at 16 he decided he wanted to be a law enforcement officer and joined the Los Angeles Police Scouts Program, where he became the top of his class. But acting classes got in the way discovering that he had a gift for the theater.

Thus, after a motorcycle excursion with his brother across the country that took him two years, Bryan decided to put all his effort into being an actor, accepting all the jobs that were offered. That included hemorrhoid cream ads and small roles in series such as ‘A crime has been written’.

Bryan Cranston, the star of ‘Breaking Bad’, the best of ‘Your Honor’ (Movistar +)

Nacho Lorente

By the late 20th century, the actor had carved out a respectable but understated career, making notable supporting appearances on hit series like “Seinfeld” and on blockbusters like “Saving Private Ryan.” But the definitive boost to his career was interpretar a Hal en la aclamada sitcom de la FOX ‘Malcolm in the middle’, a role that earned him up to three nominations for emmy awards as best supporting actor.

While looking for a new job after the series ended in 2006, Cranston first read the script for ‘Breaking Bad’. Series creator Vince Gilligan had met him eight years earlier when the two collaborated as director and actor on an episode of ‘The X Files’.

When he began to put the pieces of his new series together, Gilligan was clear that he wanted him as the protagonist, Walter White, a chemistry teacher high school who is diagnosed with lung cancer and begins to cook methamphetamine to leave his family with enough money after his death, but ends up immersed in a dramatic criminal spiral.

His performance earned him three consecutive Emmys, being the only actor, besides Bill Cosby, to get them. The Californian added a fourth prize more in 2014, after the end of the series.

Since then, Cranston has alternated movies like ‘Trumbo’, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar, or as a voice actor in Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs.” He has also achieved success and Tonys for his work in the theater interpretando al presidente Lyndon B. Johnson en ‘All The Way’.

When it comes to his low-key personal life, he’s married with the also actress Robin Dearden, whom he met on the set of the series ‘Airwolf’ in 1984. Together they have a daughter named Taylor, who is also an actress. He was previously married to writer Michelle Middleton, whom he divorced in 1982.

He currently combines his role as an actor with that of alcohol entrepreneur. Next to Aaron Paul, whoever was his co-star in ‘Breaking Bad’, has created the mezcal brand Dos Hombres.

“Three years ago we sat at a sushi bar in New York. We were talking about life and the possibility of going on a journey together. We had the best time of our lives recording ‘Breaking Bad’ and we built a special bond. Knowing that we could not share the screen for a while, our thoughts turned to a new project, “said the actor after the launch of the brand.