Tom Hanks survives again: “I always play guys cooler than me”

Tom Hanks knows what it’s like to act solo. Two decades ago, when he already had two Oscars under his arm, he gave one of his most memorable performances as the Chuck Noland of Castaway. A role for which he radically transformed his physique, in order to make his performance more convincing, resulting in one of the characters with whom his career in Hollywood is guaranteed to go down in history.

His creative duo in that film was legendary director Robert Zemeckis, who serves as executive producer of Finch, the new adventure in which the 65-year-old star enters almost unaccompanied on screen. His guide, in this case, was the filmmaker Miguel Sapochnik, responsible for some of the best episodes of Game of thrones (included The battle of the bastards),

“Almost like a silent movie, we had to build the narrative in a reality, in a geography, because Finch it wouldn’t be based on someone telling him what was going on. There is literally no one to talk to, ”says the actor connected in Zoom to a conference with the world’s media, including The Third PM.

His most recent feature film (premiere on Friday, November 5 on the Apple TV + platform) gives him the role of the world’s last survivor. A man with no expectations or dreams other than ensuring the well-being of his dog, his faithful friend on a devastated planet.

“People ask me about it, hey, what is the movie about? And I tell them that this is about a guy who builds a robot to take care of his dog after he dies, “Hanks explains about a plot that, in his view, focuses on the legacy that his character leaves to humanity. “I always play someone cooler than me, but with Finch I got to play someone who is much smarter, much more hardworking and much more studious,” he says.

The actor also dwells on what he believes separates Castaway and its most recent premiere. “The difference, and this is something that Miguel and I talked about during the course of the making of the film, is that Finch it begins with the desire to create the next version of what life will be like. For me, when we were doing Castaway, which was an important movie, was about discovering what it takes to live a full life. That was company and getting off that island. There is no island to leave on Finch. The desire and I think something like Finch’s emotional philosophical superstructure is very different from Chuck because there is no rescue attempt. There is also a time when Castaway in which he is willing to sacrifice his life in order to get off that island. Finch is never willing to sacrifice his life. “

Perhaps proof that the onslaught of reality permeates fiction, his new film may look like a more pessimistic version of part of the same central idea that worked in the 2000 film. Similarly, Hanks opens up about the resonances of the film that premieres on Apple TV + in a world hit by Covid, the disease he was infected with at the beginning of 2020 with his wife, Rita Wilson.

-After facing a pandemic and watching the finished film, did the film take on another meaning for you, and how do you feel about the result?

That’s amazing, because when we made this movie, long before Covid-19, we were doing a bit of science fiction. A glorious bit of sci-fi, familiar in many ways. There have been many films of the last human being type on planet Earth. Frankly, the dog’s cry was new. Now after all this, here’s a kind of theoretical worst-case scenario for Earth, about imagining the virus to be even stronger and more deadly than it was. We started long before the idea of ​​a global lockdown came up.