Tom Hanks’ speech for Best Actor that later inspired a mythical comedy

Tom Hanks He is a true Hollywood star. Worldwide known, the actor has starred in films such as’Forrest Gump’, ‘Shipwrecked’ or ‘El Da Vinci Code’. In addition, he is one of the few actors to win. two consecutive Oscars.

He won the first in 1994. He received the Oscar for Best Actor for the movie ‘Phipadelphia’. In it he played Andy Beckett, a lawyer who turns out to be fired for being a carrier of HIV, so he decides to sue his boss and for this he hires the only professional who agrees to take his case: a homophobic man. ‘Philadelphia’ brought to light many topics hitherto taboo and was rewarded by performance and commitment the Hanks.

Hanks’ thank you speech when he received the award was so powerful that inspired a movie completely different.

When the actor took the stage, he took his time to To thank them his high school drama teacher and a former classmate. “Both men are two of the best American homosexuals that I was lucky enough to meet,” he mentioned. Without expecting it, this part of the speech would be the key that would inspire a hit movie de comedia, ‘In and Out’.

‘In and Out’ is a 1997 comedy in which actor Matt Dillon plays an actor who just won an Oscar for his portrayal as a gay man and thanks his former teacher Howard Brackett (played by Kevin Kline) for serving him as inspiration.

“And he’s gay,” proudly announces Dillon’s character, Cameron Drake. However, Howard considers himself straight. And Cameron’s speech impacts his hometown.

Joan Cusack y Kevin Kline en ‘In and Out’ | Paramount Pictures

Comedy became a blockbuster but also a critical success. The movie had a Oscar nomination. Joan Cusack was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, for playing Howard’s fiancĂ©e.

‘In and Out’ may stand out as the most surreal example from which a movie was born.

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