Tom Hanks sneaks into a wedding in true Tom Hanks style, and there is video

December and Tashia Farries couldn’t imagine the script twist their wedding would take. Actor Tom Hanks, who we’ll see soon in the movie Finch On Apple TV + Spain, he decided to sneak into the celebration without being invited. But we are talking about Tom Hanks. Who is going to ask you whether or not you have an invitation card? Best of all, there is a video of the moment, where we can see him greeting the newly married couple and the guests. The anthropomorphic representation of “like Pedro for his house”.

Tom Hanks was out for a walk and sneaks into a wedding

It was the Instagram account chismenolikeofficial that echoed the news, sharing the images that we have left on these lines and providing a bit of context to the already surprising situation. We don’t know who was more excited: Tom Hanks or the newlyweds. But the thing was more or less like this: “Tashia Farries and December were celebrating their union on the beach of Santa Monica when, suddenly, they were surprised by the Hollywood actor,” the account writes. “Tom Hanks pointed out that he was taking a walk and, seeing that they were getting married, decided to come over to congratulate them, as he found the moment very emotional.”

And said and done, in the video we can see Hanks taking photos with the guests and with the protagonists of that day. “Tashia Farries and December ended up capturing the moment with the protagonist of Forrest Gump“, says the account. While greeting the couple, you can hear the guests in the background:” It’s Woody from Toy Story! “, thanks to Hanks giving voice to the character; while someone also points out that he is the protagonist of Castaway. Come on, it did not go unnoticed.

The wedding took place on the beach in Santa Monica, where Hanks was taking a walk.

Hanks actually stayed for a moment to chat with those present. “He said he realized we were celebrating the wedding and gave us a lot of compliments,” Tashia Farries tells Today from NBC. “He gave us advice on love and was very positive and humble.”. Best of all, it’s not the first time Hanks has sneaked into a wedding: in 2018 he went to a wedding in Alabama after being invited (this time), while in 2016 he also surprised a couple while they were going out. run through Central Park. Even in 2008 he came to accompany a girlfriend to church while filming angels and demons.

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