Tom Hanks in ‘Big World News’, the latest from Netflix

The renowned actor Tom Hanks makes his debut on the small screen, specifically in the film ‘Noticias del gran mundo’ (News of the World in its English title), a joint production between Universal Pictures and Netflix. After its premiere on the platform streaming On February 10, the feature film – which can also be enjoyed in theaters – plunges us into a devastated United States after the end of the Civil War. The management is under the command of Paul Greengrass.

In this story, Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd – played by Tom Hanks -, a veteran of three warlike contests, travels from town to town to tell people who cannot read the news or other real stories, about presidents and queens, Glorious fiefdoms, devastating catastrophes and exciting adventures from the most remote corners of the globe. It arrives at a point where the line is not discernible between whether what it is narrating is true or is it invented.

But on the plains of Texas, Kidd meets Johanna – played by the young Helena Zengel, known after her appearance in ‘System Crasher’ – a 10-year-old girl taken in by the native tribe. kiowa six years before and raised between them. The youngest, uncivilized, crosses into Jefferson’s life when he tries to attack and rob him on a little-traveled and wooded road. She is hostile to a world she does not know, but to her surprise she has found a traveling companion.

A journey through an inhospitable USA

Kidd agrees to take the girl to her rightful place according to the law and she will be returned to her biological uncles against her will. So together they undertake a hazardous journey of hundreds of kilometers through cruel and inhospitable territory. Both will face the forces of nature and human hostility as they seek a destination that one of them can call home. The film is a constant succession of scenes reflecting the decadence America had plunged into as it expanded westward.


With comical or endearing situations starring Johanna — a bit like the Mougli in this story, who doesn’t know how to use a spoon to eat — fleeing from people who try to steal or murder you, and the public readings of Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd’s newspapers. It is worth underlining how incredible it is to think, today, that someone tells you what happens because you cannot read. Perhaps it is a nod to current affairs in line with misinformation, because for the rest, Western cinema is nothing new.

Western Now?

Of course, Kyle Kidd will do everything necessary for and for the good Johanna, he will save her life. She will educate her, she will teach her to speak, to behave in society and she will end up becoming the daughter that, deep down, she points out that she always wanted. Fate condemned them to be together, but it seems that for a more transcendental cause than it seems at first. But the cinema western, loved by some and hated by others in equal parts today is something more than rusty.

  • Tom Hanks playing his character in 'Big World News'


It was enough these years with ‘Cold Mountain’, without discrediting the title, to set us in this period. The only good thing about this feature film is that it stars Tom Hanks. In his line, but as that invincible hero who made his way in search of California, or to know where but in that direction that we already know. Multiple comparisons can be made with this genre that portrayed an arid place, populated by the lowest part of society, laden with praise for the American expansion, which diffuses values ​​a little hatch like honor in death fights.