Tom Hanks and Billy Crudup will take advantage of their pull with new productions

It’s already Friday again, the spring temperatures have come to an end, and it’s time to start disconnecting from work to relax for the weekend. We, like every week, we review the news and news of Apple TV + to see what the service has in store for us starting today and over the next few months. Here we go.

Science fiction will abound on Apple TV + in a few months

The premiere of the week is the second season of ‘Mythic Quest’. After the special episode ‘Everlight’ that has served as an introduction, we can finally see what is in store for those responsible for one of the games of the moment after the changes and misadventures of the first season. You can already see the first three episodes, and the rest will appear one by one every Friday.

As news for the future of the catalog we have some news with the return of actors who have already had their way through the service:

  • After ‘Greyhound’, Tom Hanks will return to Apple TV + being the protagonist of a movie again. This time the film will be science fiction, it will be titled ‘Finch‘and will be about a man’s efforts to ensure that his dog will be well cared for after he has died. To top it off, the world will be shattered after a cataclysmic solar event. Those responsible for winning two Emmy Awards for some of the best episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ will be in charge of the film.
  • Another actor who will repeat is Billy Crudup, one of the award-winning characters from the series ‘The Morning Show’. He will star in a new series called ‘Hello Tomorrow!‘and will play an optimistic commercial who “will inspire your peers and revitalize your desperate customers“.
  • Finally we have another good news: the M. Night Shyalaman series’Servanthas been nominated Best Drama Award at the TV Choice Awards. Voting will end at the end of the month.

Remember that today you also have a new episode of the series’The Mosquito Coast‘, so you’ve got a couple of entertaining after-hours guaranteed this weekend. And yes, we are still waiting for more news about ‘Foundation’ … maybe we will have some new information at WWDC21. Patience.