Thus has Michael Douglas’ Morgan ‘died and risen’




Lor usual, when someone receives a call from a Hollywood production company to buy the car, is that he will never see his beloved car ‘alive’ again. Watching it on the big screen, but it’s also easy to get their destruction immortalized with a spectacular crash, falling off a cliff or a terrible explosion.

In the case of Morgan Plus 4 from War of the Rose (1989) the story is somewhat different. Oliver (Michael Douglas) In the film he drives a Morgan Plus 4 that his wife has given him Barbara (Kathleen Turner), a model with motor Triumph 2.2 and manual gearbox four-speed. Life seems to be going well for them, but after seventeen years of marriage and with the children away from home, she feels empty and asks for a divorce. AND the Morgan ends up paying the consequences …

For the film they were actually used three identical cars. One of them is the one that Kathleen Turner gave to Michael Douglas. Of course it was impeccable, although today you have lost track.

Another of the units did not know where it stopped but now it has just come to light, since he is going to auction itAuctomobile this May 9. It is a 1965 unit which was originally sold in green but was painted in two shades of brown for the film.

Someone who has had his hands on the wheel that he took before Michael Douglas ensures that the change is “a little challenging”, that “it does not feel very comfortable” when the engine turns at low revs but “the propeller turns very pleasantly.” All this, of course, with the addition that the engine has been fully restored (it does not reach 3,000 km since it was updated), the car weighs less than 900 kg and driving so low and open sky enhances the sensations.

Auctomobile experts predict a sale price between 40,000 and 50,000 euros, which seems to us even low given the car and the cache (that is, the anecdotal fact of having been immortalized in a movie).

And you wonder what happened to him tercer Morgan Plus 4. To this, as they say, “it was the china”: he is the one who I suffered anger on my own that in the film Kathleen Turner feels for Michael Douglas. And this anger explodes when the actress drives an SUV GMC Jimmy and literally passes with the 4×4 over the British model.

This third classic car really crushed (If the car is very expensive, a replica is always destroyed) and the end of the traffic was notified by the members of the production company to the man from whom they bought the car. But apparently this unit had rotten chassis and it was in bad shape, as much as a coat of paint for the film gave it a look ‘healthy’, so he didn’t care too much.

For the scene in which the 4×4 crunches it, the Morgan first had to be fitted with wheels attached to the underside and some rales under the car, so that the displacement of the car was as expected.

And it was also necessary to build a small ramp ahead so that the off-roader would not have a hard time climbing on the hood of the British model.

The normal thing would have been for the car to go straight to the scrapyard, but look where find a buyer, such a Bill Caruso that he set out to restore it and in fact restored it by buying a new bodywork. Caruso put the Left hand drive, I painted it green and increase power engine, as he planned to compete with him in classic races. In fact, he came to compete with him, but a few days after seeing his illusion fulfilled he died. Paradoxes of life: the car, evicted at the time, had outlived its owner.

Now this unit is not for sale. A certain one keeps it like a treasure Wayne Carini, Family’s friend. And if you were trying to buy it for a movie, you probably want to know the end of the story first to make sure the car is still intact.

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