Three different movies to stream this weekend – Tvshow – 05/15/2021

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Docudrama with Portuguese Summer

A good opportunity to enter the work of the Portuguese Miguel Gomes, who has received accolades and has titles such as Taboo or its adaptation in three episodes of Arabian Nights, which cemented what he sowed in That dear month of august already in 2008. There he combined documentary, fiction and self-fiction to tell a story in a hot Portuguese summer. In the center are the local festivals of the interior, but there is also a love story and the shooting of a movie. An interesting experience from an important director.

That dear month of august

SourcePortugal, 2008

DirectorMiguel Gomes


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Film noir with stars from before

The first reason to recommend this example of cinema noir from the early 1950s is the presence of Gloria Grahame, a star of the time who has, as evidenced by the beginning of this pill, his lovers. But the main reason may be to see Humphrey Bogart like a somewhat cynical Hollywood screenwriter who becomes a murder suspect. Directs Nicholas Ray (that of Rebel without a cause, for example), one of the great filmmakers of his time. In a lonely place It is a police as they used to do. It is worth daring.

SourceUnited States, 1950

Directed byNicholas Ra

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British history to scare fifties

A rarity by streaming service standards, this social drama from Ken Loach, Yo, Daniel BlakeIt can be a hard drink for times that demand other lightness, but that is another problem. Loach, one of the great British directors (heir to the most important documentary and “dirty” realism of the 60s), tells the story of a fifty-year-old who goes through hell: losing his job and trying to return to the job market. So direct, frank and dramatic, it was the film of the year at the Baftas and won the Palme d’Or at Cannes of its year.

SourceGreat Britain, 2016

DirectorKen Loach