This was the relationship of Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher

Netflix premieres on November 15 season 4 of ‘The Crown’ (2016-). The new episodes will cover the end of the 70s, when Margaret Thatcher was chosen as First minister From United Kingdom. The fiction will portray the tense relationship between politics and Queen isabel II, two of the most influential women in history who lived facing each other.

Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II in Lusaka (Zambia) in 1979. (Photo: Popperfoto / Getty Images)

Some rumors indicate that the queen mother did defend Thatcher’s policies, considered far-right. But as the British historian points out Ben Pimlott, his daughter is “in her own way, a bit leftist”. To this must be added the opposition of Isabel II to some of the key decisions that the president made.

La reina Isabel II y Margaret Thatcher. (Foto: Daily Mirror / Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher at 10 Downing Street in 1985. (Photo: Daily Mirror / Getty Images)

The United Kingdom went through a difficult period in 1984 and 1985, when a massive miners strike it paralyzed the coal industry. While the prime minister was against protests and wanted to reduce the power of the unions, the royal He showed his sympathy for the workers and their wives, who were also involved in the movement.

La reina Isabel II, Ronald Reagan y Margaret Thatcher. (Foto: PA Images / Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth II, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher at Buckingham Palace in 1984. (Photo: PA Images / Getty Images)

According Daily Mail both too fought for apartheid in south africa. The newspaper notes that the sovereign was “very angry” since Thatcher took a stand against anti-racist sanctions. This decision made the queen so bad that he was about to eliminate his weekly appointment with her from his agenda.

Queen Elizabeth II, Philip of Edinburgh and Margaret Thatcher.  (Photo: John Shelley Collection / Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth II, Philip of Edinburgh and Margaret Thatcher in 1990. (Photo: John Shelley Collection / Getty Images)

As if this were not enough, recently the royal chronicler Kenneth Rose He brought to light some extracts from his diary, texts that confirmed the animosity that Prince Charles’s mother felt towards politics. “She talks too much. He has spent too much time between men, “said Elizabeth II about the British. Journalist Anthony Sampson wrote in 1982: “The relationship is more difficult because their roles seem confused. The style of the queen is more practical and domestic, while the lady Thatcher is the one who behaves like a queen“.

Margaret Thatcher y la reina Isabel II. (Foto: Tim Graham Picture Library / Getty Images)

Margaret Thatcher greets the queen at an event in 2007. (Photo: Tim Graham Picture Library / Getty Images)

In another passage he recounts an encounter between the two at an event. Both the Queen and Thatcher attended a gala in Covent Garden, but they sat in different parts of the place. At halftime the queen let it be known that he didn’t want to meet Mrs Thatcher, who was sent to a superior room for a drink. Thatcher then said that she would like to say goodbye to the queen, a request that was ignored, ”says Rose.

However, other sources claim that their relationship was not as bad as is often believed and improved over time. “In the end I think they got along well, and I think Mrs. Thatcher came to appreciate the advice the queen gave her,” he said. Michael Cockerell, announcer of the BBC, in the documentary ‘The Queen and her Prime Ministers’ (2014). The royal biographer Hugo Vickers supports this theory, since it suggested that the monarch was “very upset” by the way in which the prime minister was overthrown in 1990. Three decades later, their relationship is back on track after the premiere of the new chapters of ‘The Crown’ (2016-), where we will see Olivia Colman Y Gillian Anderson like Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher, respectively.

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