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Much love in a place full of dreams.

Last month, the model and actress surprised by announcing that she married film director Charlie McDowell in a romantic ceremony that they celebrated in Dunton Destinations, a picturesquely landscaped luxury community located in Colorado.

Just as beautiful has been the environment in which Lily Collins and her husband enjoyed their honeymoon. The protagonist of ‘Emily in Paris’ He shared through his social networks some photographs of his trip to Scandinavia, in which he shows that they were surrounded by nature.

“Our honeymoon in Scandinavia may be over, but the adventure is not. No I can imagine a first trip as newlyweds and a more memorable and magical way to officially begin our lives together. There is no one with whom I most want to go on a trip. This is just one of the many epic experiences that await us. “ Lily wrote.

In the images you can appreciate the nature that characterizes northern Europe, surrounded by lakes in the middle of the mountains, cabins at the edge of the water and the magnificent environment in which they enjoyed their first married trip.

What’s more, Lily He shared some of the sports he practiced these days such as paddle surfing or fishing, the couple even dared to swim in a lake.

“I have never wanted so much to be that someone for someone else, and now I can be your wife. Officially we are the ‘forever’ of the other. I love you beyond,” said Lily when she got married.

38-year-old film director Charlie McDowell began his relationship with 32-year-old Lily in June 2019 and presented her with the engagement ring in September 2020.. It was on September 25 of last year that Lily announced that she was engaged to the 38-year-old film director.

It was the same actress who shared some details of that proposal to the US edition of the magazine Vogue.

“It was totally surreal. It was a total surprise and you can tell from my face: I’m not that good of an actress. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be with him, but I didn’t know when it was going to happen.”, said the daughter of Phil Collins.

The interpreter shared some screenshots of her link, revealing that it was held on September 4 in Dunton Hot Springs (Colorado), an abandoned mining town from the 19th century converted into a luxury resort in the forest. The dress that the artist wore was from Ralph Lauren and traditional style, with long sleeves, a high neck, a mermaid silhouette with a tail and a hooded cape, giving the look a touch of a fairy tale to match the setting.

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