This is the video in which Demi Moore destroyed Bruce Willis, her ex, and that now went viral – Para Ti

The actress participated in ‘Roast Bruce Willis’, a Comedy Central special, where she gave a funny and controversial monologue about her years of marriage to the actor. He ironized about his life with him, who cried with laughter several times at the witty words of his ex. When Demi finished her speech, they melted into a hug.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have been divorced for a long time but have a very good relationship. So much so that they lived together in quarantine last year. What’s more: in that period of time, he dedicated an “we adore you” to her on her birthday. Almost three years ago, in July 2018, she had participated in ‘Roast Bruce Willis’, a Comedy Central special, with a funny monologue in which she destroyed her ex. Look at the video:

Almost three years later, the video went viral, although at the time it did not go unnoticed by how ironic Demi was when talking about her marriage to him.

“We were married, let me see, for 12 years. That’s like 84 years in Bruce Willis years,” she said, sparking laughter from the audience.

“I was there for some special moments. Really momentous moments. Like when Bruce… in his career, he had the turning point with Pulp Fiction. I mean, it was… In his day it seemed strange because he was such a great action star doing an action. Little indie movie. But Bruce went to Harvey Weinstein’s hotel and, I don’t know, he came shaking a ball gag and then he said, ‘I got the part. It should be noted that Weinstein was accused by dozens of women for sexual harassment and assault, and sentenced to prison.

The three daughters he shares with Willis (Rumer Willis, Scout Willis, and Tallulah Willis) from the front row celebrated their mom’s pranks.

“For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Demi Moore. I was married to Bruce Willis during the first three Hard To Kill movies, which makes sense because the last two sucked,” said the actress.

“We had great times together. We shared a lot. I had three beautiful and wonderful daughters. Four if you count Bruce. And then there are the dogs and Ashton Kutcher, her also ex-husband who she has been with for 15 years]so that’s like six “, was another of the statements that elicited laughter during his monologue.

And he expressed: “I see our marriage as” Sixth sense “. You were dead the whole time.” Although he clarified: “Bruce was a great friend, a great father and easily one of my three best husbands.”

Then he quipped about the marriage: “After our divorce, he said that he thought the end of our marriage had been his biggest mistake, but, Bruce, don’t be so hard on yourself, you’ve had worse mistakes. I mean Planet Hollywood ( restaurant chain he invested in alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone), The Great Hawk, Deadly Pursuit, campaigning for Michael Dukakis (a US politician who lost the presidency by a large margin to George HW Bush in 1988), turning down the role which Clooney later accepted at Ocean’s Eleven to focus on playing the harmonica… “.

Bruce Willis celebrated every one of his ex’s jokes and at times he even cried with laughter. Quadno finished, they both merged into an affectionate hug and she asked him: “I was fine.” To which he nodded.

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