this is the new face of Mickey Rourke after another cosmetic surgery

The Hollywood actor gave an interview to a British program and was surprised by the shocking change in his face. The reaction on social media

In an interview for British television, Mickey Rourke surprised everyone by the deterioration of his face: he underwent many surgeries and looks like a different person.

The Hollywood actor, Mickey Rourke, maintains his addiction to cosmetic surgeries and this week his new appearance was talked about after appearing in an interview on the British television program “Good Morning Britain”, where his face was unrecognizable.

The purpose of the interview was to take a tour of the main moments of Mickey Rourke’s career: his films, awards, and others. The actor was recently awarded the “Best Actor” award at the Prague Independent Film Festival for his latest film “Night Walk”. The feature film, directed by Aziz Tazi, tells the story of a man who was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit: that of his wife.

After the particular talk, the presenters of the program, Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan, had to cut the transmission. Rourke answered questions by elaborating on issues that were not asked in the interview and that was when, laughing, the journalists announced that “they were running out of time.”

As usual, the comments on Twitter did not take long to arrive and several users tweeted about the new face of Mickey Rourke: “Mickey Rourke looks like your recently divorced aunt on the way to a bachelorette party”, was one of those read.

“The artist formerly known under the name Mickey Rourke. His surgeon should have told him that enough was enough,” joked another of the users of said social network.

Despite the fact that at the time the actor was one of the most desired in Hollywood, cosmetic surgeries left him far from that today.

This was Mickey Rourke in “Nine and a Half Weeks”, the film that brought him to fame in 1986.

And so he appeared in the blockbuster superhero film Iron Man II in 2010.