this is the movie with the most statuettes in history

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The next April 25 will be held, finally, the ceremony of delivery of the Oscar awards. A year marked by the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused many studies to delay their big bets for next year. This has also meant that the gala is later than ever, at the end of April, and that there are smaller and independent nominated films. Titles that, probably, another year would not have been among the finalists. Although it is not known who will win – or at least not at 100% probability -, there is one thing clear: none of them will go down to the books as the movie with the most Oscar in history.

The most nominated this year is Mank, and although the movie of David Fincher in order to Netflix If it takes all the awards it chooses, it will not be the most awarded work in its 93 years. That honor goes to three films that managed to add a whopping 11 Oscars in their respective editions.

The first to do so was Ben-Hur, that in the 1960 ceremony he took eleven statuettes out of the 12 he was opting for. He only lost best script, but he got the rest, including film, director for William Wyler, actor for Charlton Heston, Supporting actor for Hugh Griffith and a handful of technical awards to be the first to achieve that figure. Only one remained in the inkwell.

Still from the chariot race from the movie ‘Ben-Hur’.

It took 28 years for another movie to reach the same number. It was Titanic, that in the 1998 edition it managed to reach that historical mark. 11 Oscars won the film James Cameron. She had 14 nominations, with best actress (Kate Winslet), supporting actress (Gloria Stuart) and makeup on her way. Who was not even nominated was Leonardo DiCaprio.

There is a third film that got those 11 Oscars. Is about The return of the King, the third part of the saga of The Lord of the rings, which in 2003 achieved something historic, as it won the eleven prizes it was opting for. He did not leave one for the competition (and that he competed with titles like Mystic River). Film, direction, adapted script and all the technicians. It was the last film that managed to reach a figure that, so far, no one has exceeded. After them three is placed West Side Story, which won ten awards in 1962. With 9 they are placed The English patient and Gigi.