This is the character Bryan Cranston is looking for in Marvel

Bryan Cranston, star of Breaking Bad, has expressed his desire to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This would be the role of the artist within it …

The Marvel Cinematic Universe It is in the process of expansion, so new heroes and villains will integrate its lines in future projects. Thus, after the arrival of Kang, on Loki, and the formation of a group of enemies at the hand of the Countess Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, evil will take center stage.

This is why celebrities are already being sought to cover these places and options are beginning to emerge. However, it is not only the study that is interested in meeting these needs, but the actors to be selected.

In this process, an unexpected candidate appeared. Is about Bryan Cranston, who is known for starring in productions like The Breaking Bad, Malcolm in the Middle and the live-action of Powers Rangers, where he gave life to Zordon.

Thus, after these credentials, the interpreter offered to impersonate Mr. Sinister, one of the best known enemies of ‘The House of Ideas‘. The doctor Nathaniel Essex he is a scientist who tried genetic mechanics and, altering his own, ended up becoming one of the most fearsome beings.

The nemesis gave the battle to the X-Men, decimating them on more than one occasion. In the same way, he has had to face other powerful superheroes.

Regarding the character, Cranston is struck by the fact that he is an intelligent and elegant being, making nothing more and nothing less than the intellect of Charles Xavier, for which he stated the following:

“I want to play an antagonist who is a fraction smarter than the protagonist, who never lowers himself to give the hero the easy victory. That is frustrating and boring to watch.

Will the wish be fulfilled? Would you like to see him in the role? Finally, it should be noted that their arrival could occur with the incorporation of the mutants into the UCM.

Source: Looper