this is the animated children’s film that updates the tale of Aladdin on Netflix

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The animated film The wish dragon It hits the Netflix catalog this Friday, June 11, being one of the outstanding releases of the month on the platform for children.

In the 98-minute long film, we will learn more about the story of Din, a young student who lives in a modern version of Shanghai, and whose vital objective is to meet his childhood friend Lina again, something that could come true thanks to the help of the dragon of wishes Long, able to make it come true with his magical powers.

We tell you how is this colorful animated film produced by Jackie Chan Y Sony Animation Pictures, which is a kind of update of the tale of Aladdin and the wonderful lamp that Disney popularized.

‘The dragon of wishes’, the reinvention of ‘Aladdin’

‘The dragon of wishes’ | Trailer | Netflix

We enter the bright and modern city of Shanghai to meet from (Jimmy Wong), a college student that despite belonging to a working class and having few resources, they tend to dream big. However, while anyone else would like to pass without studying or stop having financial problems, which The most he wants in the world is to see his longtime friend Lina again (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), whom he has known since childhood.

One day appears in your life Long (John Cho), a fluffy haired bubblegum pink dragon with a serious demeanor and capable of granting wishes. Din will be the person who will grant the mighty Long freedom, being the tenth to be assigned to grant him 3 wishes.

Both will embark on a long and fun journey in which they will have to face many vital dilemmas that will put their emotions and the ambitions of other characters at stake. During the course of his adventure to find Lina, they will learn to perceive the world around them differently and to appreciate what really matters When wishes can come true

A co-production between the United States and China, with Jackie Chan and Sony

‘The dragon of wishes’


The dragon of wishes is a feature film that arises as a result of a co-production of China and the United States, in which they have intervened so much Sony Pictures Animation like Tencent and Sparkle Roll Media, the company he owns Jackie Chan.

Taking as starting point the story of Aladdin, director Chris Applehans (whom we know from having worked in films like The worlds of Coraline, Fantastic Mr. Fox Y Angry Birds) intends to do something different and convey that although the simplest thing would be to wish for all the gold in the world, what really matters are the things that cannot be bought, such as honesty, family or friends.

The second Sony Pictures Animation movie for Netflix

Long in 'The Dragon of Wishes'

Long in ‘The Dragon of Wishes’


Sony Pictures Animation had already been a participant in the Netflix catalog this year with The Mitchell family vs. the machines (From creators of Gravity Falls Y (Disenchantment), which has not only been able to give a different and more colorful touch to animationIt has also been a resounding critical success since its launch last April.

That is why the company’s animation style has managed to carve a niche beyond Pixar and Disney, promising to further pave the way for future productions with The dragon of wishes, what will be available from Friday June 11 on the platform.

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