This is how Lady Gaga prepared her role as Patrizia Reggiani

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In less than a month the long-awaited film by ‘House of Gucci’ it will come to light on screens. The story of the high society murder guilty, Patrizia Reggiani, will be taken to the cinema by the hand of Lady Gaga, with Adam Driver Interpreting Maurizio Gucci, the ex-husband of the socialite.

For the preparation of this leading role, the singer and actress has claimed to have immersed herself fully in the universe of Reggiani for three years, being the last year before filming the one that made him get to live like her, even incorporating his Italian accent into his day-to-day life and dyeing his hair to feel even more in his skin.

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The controversial character of the protagonist of the plot of the film imposed on Gaga a greater pressure for which, she herself confirmed, having prepared with all her resources. The incessant love of making money, the greed, the passion he felt for the beauty of things, his physique and the way he dressed: absolutely everything that surrounded him. Reggiani was a source of inspiration for the actress.

Gaga even confessed to having suffered some psychological maladjustments as a result of his incarnation in Reggiani. Wanting to incorporate the way of being of the ex-Gucci wife into her day-to-day life meant a change in personality for her that led her to put her own aside until she spoke to herself in Italian or strolled through the streets dressed like her. feeling on your skin.

The interpretation work was arduous. Now what Patrizia Reggiani criticized Lady Gaga For interpreting him without knowing him personally, the actress wanted to tell about his preparation process and took the opportunity to explain that if she did not do it under this immersion she would never know what his character was like since “not even her own Patrizia Reggiani“I would tell her what her true personality was like. For this reason she decided to prepare herself by mimicking her tastes as much as possible and incorporated what she considered typical of the celebrity: she added curiosity to her gaze as a starting point until she always carried a photographic camera with which he captured everything that seemed beautiful to him. That is how he wanted to imagine Gaga a Reggiani and from this perspective he built the paper that we will see on screens in just two weeks. ‘House of Gucci’ It promises to awaken critics, not only for its cast, but also for the mysterious plot behind it.

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