This is how JK Rowling convinced Alan Rickman to play Snape

The 20th anniversary of the film saga of Harry Potter It has awakened the nostalgia of fans of the most famous magician in cinema and, much more, since the reunion of its protagonists was announced. On the occasion of such an important date, there are many curiosities that are resurfacing about the cast of harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. One of the most important characters in the first film and one of those who best won the affection of the audience after the film was Severus Snape, the teacher of ‘Potions’ and ‘Defense against the dark arts’. The one in charge of giving life to the enigmatic teacher was the actor Alan Rickman, chosen especially by JK Rowling, who was clear from the first moment that he had to be the one who gave life to this character. Nevertheless, Initially, the interpreter flatly refused to work on the film and did not accept until the author confessed what the future of Professor Snape was in the novels..


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Chris Columbus, the director of the films, has revealed in an interview with Avclub how they got the actors that JK Rowling had envisioned for her characters to agree to be part of the universe Harry Potter. The filmmaker has explained that it was especially difficult to get Richard Harris to play Dumbledore and that she ended up doing it thanks to the insistence of her own granddaughter, who was a fan of books; or the actress Maggie Smith, with whom they had to meet on many occasions until she was lent to be Miss McGonagall. But Columbus has revealed that the only one he failed to persuade was Alan Rickman, who completely refused to play a role like Professor Snape: “He was reluctant because he didn’t want to be pigeonholed as a villain after The jungle of crystal and I guess after Robin Hood, prince of thieves, has counted the director.

It had to be JK Rowling herself who explained to Harris why she was the ideal candidate. “He told him something about what was going to happen to Snape throughout the series and in the seventh book,” Chris Columbus has revealed. Only then did Alan Rickman agree. “So when we were on set, he made little gestures in his performance that he couldn’t understand where they came from. I would go up to him later and ask him ‘what was that?’, And he would say ‘you’ll know when you read the seventh book.’ And I was like ‘well yeah, but that doesn’t help me now that I’m with the first movie“, said the director who, at the time, had to resign himself because only the actor and the author of the books knew what was the fate that awaited the character. “Once I read the seventh book I thought ‘brilliant choice'”, he jokingly admitted in your interview.


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Alan Rickman passed away in 2016 from pancreatic cancer, a piece of news that shocked his teammates so much Harry Potter as the fans. However, and although the actor’s face is inevitably linked to the character of Snape after a decade playing him, Rickman had a career full of successes, including titles such as Love actually O Sweeney Todd. Although above all he triumphed in the world of theater, where he got two Tony Award nominations.

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